Thoe who want immediate withdrawal from Iraq are arrogant and self-serving

The BBC and other news organisations have commissioned a poll asking Iraqis what they think. Whilst the BBC headlines with 'failure' and sub-headings as' pessimistic', the fact remains that

More than half of Iraqis STILL want coalition forces to stay until security is improved

So all those twats asking for an "immediate withdrawal", would be going against the wishes of the Iraqi people. But these people have consistently opposed the wishes of the Iraqi people from the outset.

A poll was conducted in 2005, one of the questions was "Do you think the decision to remove Saddam was correct?". Guess which, of all the countries in the world, had the highest number of Yes's? The Iraqis, with 74% saying yes. Yet millions of non-Iraqis opposed the removal of Saddam, claiming some sort of delusional moral high ground.

Those people asking for an immediate withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq are contemptible, and both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

4 Responses to “Thoe who want immediate withdrawal from Iraq are arrogant and self-serving”

  1. # Blogger Wolfie

    But do you think this is a war which CAN be won?

    I'm not convinced.  

  2. # Blogger lone star

    I'm not sure youre asking the right question.
    Can or can't win should have been asked before the start, and the answer to that makes no difference now, since its been done, and there is no going back.
    Should or shouldnt is the new problem, and how can the answer be anything other than should?
    How do we leave a country under worse conditions than what they started with? not just Iraq really but the whole area of the world.
    it may have been a mistake, and I will be the first to say Im sorry, but how does that fix it? when will people start getting over the inital event, blaming and being angry at the united states and start standing up for an end that benifts the future in a postive way. Why is no one angry at the insuragnts? How come the worlds solution is to back out and leave the US standing alone?
    The world is soooo politicaly driven it pisses me off! It's like everyone wants it to go wrong just so they can say I told you so  

  3. # Blogger Wolfie

    Regardless of politics this is a military operation and the first question any commander asks himself is "can the objective be realistically realised?". If the answer to that question is no then he is throwing away the lives of his men, which if he does this knowingly is a court-marshallable offence. At this juncture it seems that this war cannot be won, regardless of the morals, hence the military strategy should be withdrawal.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    I find it difficult to say who's "winning" as such. Who knows, in 30 years Iraq may be a stable and fully fledged democracy. Will the US have won then?

    Of course we need to withdraw Wolfie, but we absolutley cannot just suddenly cut & run. It would be against the wishes of both the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people.

    We will loose more men, this is true, but this is war. We can't have a kneejerk withdrawal. We should leave at the behest of the Iraqis. We owe them that.  

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