That is well racialist

Teenagers from London's black community are being targeted by a new Metropolitan Police advertisement. The advert from Operation Trident, which fights gun crime in the community, portrays the views of young prisoners jailed for gun offences.

An ad-hoc guide to BBC p.c. lingo, here more than ever is a example of the euphemism "youths"

As the heading to the article is Gun crime advert targets youths

Those youths! Shooting again! Trying to emulate that US youth culture! What if older youths were better role models? Why are the older youths more likely to leave the younger youths in one-youth families, more so than other types of youth? These are all questions that are being asked about and within the youth community.

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    Hi, just a quick comment to say good post! Ive been thinking about youth a lot .... I'll come back and add more later.
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