Islamic forums

I have another rant up at Infidel Bloggers

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I found a very beautiful and new Islamic forum today. Subhanallah!

    They have included good topics and a very beautiful theme.  

  2. # Blogger Natural c gems

    These are facts that might be hidden to a normal blogger while refering or reading about The Rifqa Bary Scandal, which I wanted to highlight here since everyone conveniently and stupidly seem to jump onto one side. They cry falsely under the pretexts of "SAVING RIFKA BARY".

    Is it logic to save a child from his/her own parents? And whom do you think would love a child more than his or her own parents? So the actual lines SHOULD read: "SAVING RIFKA BARY FROM THE BRAIN WASHING AND DECEPTION."  

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