Irish "anti-war" invite Hizbollah

The Irish "anti-war" movement, clearly are not anti-war at all, they are just cheering on the wrong side (as all hardcore lefties seem to be these days)

They have invited Hizbollah to their "anti-war" conference at the at the Royal Dublin Hotel on October 13. Hizbollah, who have avowed to destroy Israel, at an "anti-war" conference. Yup.

Fucking stupid fucking cuntish cunts is what I have to say on the matter. Good day.

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  1. # Blogger Pastorius

    In this case, there is no redundancy in the phrase "cuntish cunts." One could never have made the point with such fervor and precision without the cunning adjective.


  2. # Blogger Hugh Miller

    A bit like the StWC mob who are opposed in principle to pretty much all US foreign policy yet stay strangely silent about Darfur, Sudan, Hamas, Hezbollah, Suicide bombings the world over and have managed to calculate that anyone not opposed to the war is a racist.  

  3. # Blogger Wolfie

    The Irish have a long and cherished history of supporting the wrong side. Such as profaning neutrality whilst allowing Nazi U-boats to refuel at their ports.

    Your ineloquent choice of adjective may on this occasion be quite apt.  

  4. # Blogger erez

    hello brother. nice 2 here some common sense and know that not all people around the world is infected with Islamic pathological lies. god bless you!
    erez, israel  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    ok Wolfie, what is the basis for your supposed information regarding the Nazi U-boats refueling at Irish ports? Please supply evidence. If not, please refrain from trying to rewrite history.  

  6. # Blogger heroyalwhyness

    OT . . .Since this blog is one of the featured links on the Gates of Vienna Counter-Jihad calendar for September 2008 I'm placing this comment:

    Online Petition on Downing Street Website: Stop Sharia Law Being Used in the UK Sign Petition (UK citizens only unfortunately) Petition's deadline is Oct. 4:


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