If only Israel would withdraw from Gaza these attacks wouldn't happen...

Gaza militants fired a rocket in to Israel, injuring 69 Israeli soldiers, 4 in a serious condition. Now as all lefties know, if the Israelis withdrew from the Palestinian territories, this wouldn't have happened.

Except of course they did withdraw from Gaza. Oh. Must be because of behalf of their brothers in the West Bank then!

3 Responses to “If only Israel would withdraw from Gaza these attacks wouldn't happen...”

  1. # Blogger Jeremy Jacobs

    What do you expect from the left?

    Thanks for your continued support. There's always a spike of anti-Israel sentiment around the High Holydays.

    Did you hear about Israel's "secret" attack, allegdedly on a North Korean arms shipment to Hezbollah in Syria last week?  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Yup.. they reckon it might have been a nuclear cache according to the Sunday Times article.


  3. # Blogger jonz

    Would love to visit tel aviv, some great clubs I hear.  

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