The BBC "reports" on Denmark Terror Suspects, Just like Al-Jazeera

A source tells DrunkenBlogging that the BBC really, really, wanted to put "terror" in quotations, but couldn't as Al-Jazeera has got there first.

Apart from Al-Jazeera - and the BBC - most other news outlets managed to hide their cynicism, for the West's anti-terrorism effort.

Now, that wasn't so hard was it? If AFP and AP can resist, surely you can BBC, huh?

5 Responses to “The BBC "reports" on Denmark Terror Suspects, Just like Al-Jazeera”

  1. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    The Copenhagen Post, a news site I visit most days says "Arrests 'prevented' terrorist bombing" and describes the fingers arrested as :_ ‘militant Islamists’ with ‘direct connections’ to international groups such as al-Qaida who are all Danish citizens or legal residents.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Why do they feel the need for quotations, when the preceding they have the words "have been described as.."?!

    It's almost as if the media are shit-scared of linking Islam, Muslims and terror. You can sense the tacit fear of the journalists, editors and sub-editors inadvertently sparking Muslim outrage.  

  3. # Anonymous View from the Solent

    So the "BBC" publishes bollocks. What's news about that??  

  4. # Blogger Aberdeen Patriot

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  5. # Blogger jonz

    Thankyou Aberdeen Patriot :)  

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