Irish "anti-war" invite Hizbollah

The Irish "anti-war" movement, clearly are not anti-war at all, they are just cheering on the wrong side (as all hardcore lefties seem to be these days)

They have invited Hizbollah to their "anti-war" conference at the at the Royal Dublin Hotel on October 13. Hizbollah, who have avowed to destroy Israel, at an "anti-war" conference. Yup.

Fucking stupid fucking cuntish cunts is what I have to say on the matter. Good day.

20,000 March for freedom & democracy in Burma

Burma's largest anti-government protest in nearly two decades has taken place in the former capital Rangoon, led by Buddhist monks and nuns.

Up to 20,000 people took to the streets on the seventh day of protests calling for an end to the "evil dictatorship".

BBC news

Atheist Walking

i.e. America generally speaking

The Atheist Delusion

That is well racialist

Teenagers from London's black community are being targeted by a new Metropolitan Police advertisement. The advert from Operation Trident, which fights gun crime in the community, portrays the views of young prisoners jailed for gun offences.

An ad-hoc guide to BBC p.c. lingo, here more than ever is a example of the euphemism "youths"

As the heading to the article is Gun crime advert targets youths

Those youths! Shooting again! Trying to emulate that US youth culture! What if older youths were better role models? Why are the older youths more likely to leave the younger youths in one-youth families, more so than other types of youth? These are all questions that are being asked about and within the youth community.

How Islam is used to incite hatred to Jews

This is none other than the Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Ahmad Bahr, who as the demented lefties enjoy pointing out, was democratically elected by the Palestinian people.

In the Quran it refers Jews & Christians being or being turned into apes and pigs in here, here and here, their crime, rejection of Islam.

Meanwhile the UN has a report that 'islamophobia' is on the rise. There has been no corresponding report on infidelophobia, however.

The Secret to Eternal Life!

Italy urged to go on pasta strike

Italy urged to go on pasta strike

What are they gonna eat instead?!

In other news Amercians to stop eating burgers and fries, economy to collapse.

Annoy friends & family!

Send them this link! Try it with sounds on. Please don't say you actually watched it unlike an unmentionable friend without trying to close the window down!

Gaza militants fired a rocket in to Israel, injuring 69 Israeli soldiers, 4 in a serious condition. Now as all lefties know, if the Israelis withdrew from the Palestinian territories, this wouldn't have happened.

Except of course they did withdraw from Gaza. Oh. Must be because of behalf of their brothers in the West Bank then!

Radio Show

Listen to this. Pastorius' Infidels hilarious radio show. Funniest one yet.

The BBC and other news organisations have commissioned a poll asking Iraqis what they think. Whilst the BBC headlines with 'failure' and sub-headings as' pessimistic', the fact remains that

More than half of Iraqis STILL want coalition forces to stay until security is improved

So all those twats asking for an "immediate withdrawal", would be going against the wishes of the Iraqi people. But these people have consistently opposed the wishes of the Iraqi people from the outset.

A poll was conducted in 2005, one of the questions was "Do you think the decision to remove Saddam was correct?". Guess which, of all the countries in the world, had the highest number of Yes's? The Iraqis, with 74% saying yes. Yet millions of non-Iraqis opposed the removal of Saddam, claiming some sort of delusional moral high ground.

Those people asking for an immediate withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq are contemptible, and both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Anti piracy adverts getting mean

Anti piracy advert from The IT Crowd

Pavarotti, in The Three Tenors - Nessun Dorma

How long will humans last?

How long can we possibly survive? 300 years? 10,000 years? A 1,000,000 years?

The problem with civilization is that as technology increases, so does the capability and likelihood for self-destruction. Already we have the weapons to destroy the planet several times over. It only takes one gigantic mistake. Theoretically only a small group of individuals, if so dedicated, could do this also intentionally, either an ideological or even criminal group.

Whilst the future for humanity is anything but written, we will have to constantly fight against the tendency for self-destruction.

Which brings me on neatly to this little news piece.

A B-52 bomber flew across the US last week mistakenly loaded with up to six nuclear-armed missiles

Easy mistake to make.

"Hey, Chuck, where'd ya put those 6 nukes?"
"What 6 nukes?"
"The 6 nukes I left next to the B-52 being used for training flights?"
"Oh those nukes.... I umm, got them loaded on the B-52?"
"You what?! The B-52 that's flying across the whole of the US?"
"Err, yeah"
"Oh shit."

The BBC is doing it's moral is it acceptable thing with regards to the peadophile Brian Daveys who wrote instructional books for children.

To many of a basic knowledge of islam will know that the prophet of islam had sex with Aisha at the age of 9. Indeed, when the Iranian Islamic revolution toppled the Shah in 1979, the legal miniumum age for sex was dropped to 9 years old (provided you married her first, of course) as set by the example of the prophet.

There are 1.2 billion muslims in the world, who revere Mohammed as their prophet. I wonder what the chances are of the BBC bringing in to question the morality of Mohammed having sex with a 9 year old?!

Islamic forums

I have another rant up at Infidel Bloggers

A source tells DrunkenBlogging that the BBC really, really, wanted to put "terror" in quotations, but couldn't as Al-Jazeera has got there first.

Apart from Al-Jazeera - and the BBC - most other news outlets managed to hide their cynicism, for the West's anti-terrorism effort.

Now, that wasn't so hard was it? If AFP and AP can resist, surely you can BBC, huh?

Pictures of Walls

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