Islam in Sweden

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  1. # Blogger lone star

    ...horrilbe!!! and sad too...
    Interesting they lable them asylum seekers, as a group.
    I have lots of thoughts on this topic of immagration as a whole, there are diffrent people all with diffent needs or motovations.
    not all are good, not all are bad either.
    Ever hear of sudans lost boys?
    I watched a series on them. Before coming to the US they went through a training coarse on life in America to prepare them, in more than one way, and on arrival they are hooked up with a host family or friend to be safe place kind of and offer nothing but moral support and encouragment.
    Most of them I hope will return to sudan and play part in its future.
    Why isnt this concept offered to others who have fled their homes as refugees? If they want to retain their own culture, why are they given no choice or options but to remain seperate or assimulate into a new one?
    Why arent all asylum seekers given this coarse or something, like learning the language first...etc?
    being rasied inside an immigrant family, I have witnessed some personal things they encounter, and struggled with. my grandfather then personally reached out and stepped up to help new commers gain a foot hold and addapt. To honnor him I have always worked to do the same, and have meet many unbelivably amazing immigrants and assylum seekers who also try to do what they can. when they can, and honestly the thing that makes the most diffrence is simply - an ear a shoulder - and a few kind words....

    yes I know its not a fix for everything .....
    just thinking out loud again  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Hmm. Leanne I don't think that immigration is the problem, per se.

    I think the problem is immigration of cultures totally alien to the host culture.

    Can you imagine these austere Islamic countries allowing hundreds of thousands or millions of immigrants from an alien culture? It would never happen. They don't allow the immigrating culture to alter the host culture. Drinking alcohol would still be punished my flogging etc.

    In Iran recently they had a crackdown on hair dressers. Those doing "western style" haircuts were shut-down! We have a lot of freedom in the West - but this is used against us. In the video you hear that AMBULANCES and medical staff get attacked when going to these areas. This is utterly unacceptable.

    Sweden is too damned liberal for their own good, and they are paying for it and will continue to pay for it.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "I think the problem is immigration of cultures totally alien to the host culture"

    I agree!!!! especially when the immigrants fall under the "asylum seekers" category ..... who is it helping when they are just throw into a new and shocking culture whithout some course of study on the alien culture?.... topped of with no proper support when they get there.

    and as host countries go ... Im not sure people realise - sometimes at least - that the families immigrating didnt always have a choice where they would end up.
    I spent some time with a family from bosnia- The man had a very hard time adjusting- though his wife and daughters did fine.
    Alot of it had to do with pride.
    Where in bosnia he was a highly respected, educated, skilled, carreer man, not to mention musican .... who suddenly found himself at the bottom of the barrel - without even the use of language to communicate in any way... understand?
    He had wanted to go to germany, since they did speak German, but the country that took them was the united states.
    Same with some others I have known.

    yes cultural diffrences is the problem!! and either side hating the other doesnt solve anything.
    Look at the way others have handled this...they didnt fight they taught inside and outside what ever community was suffering..... and it made a diffrence.
    Instead of focusing on the bad and evil in everything - the good needs to be drawn out instead.

    lone star  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Lone star,

    What if the alien culture does not respect the host culture? Do you think they will listen to the host culture give lectures?

    How do you deal with the situation in Sweden? You think that they just need a course on Sweden? Surely, many from primitive Islamic cultures will be intrinsically against the culture of alcohol, sexual liberation, women and homosexuals as equals?

    It seems to me that their tribal values are being played out on the streets of Europe. They may need education, but I am not sure I mean the same thing as you.

    When I say education, I mean stating categorically the nature of our society, that is completely unacceptable to have violence against women for "honour", that everybody is equal under the law.

    And they do not fear the law, do they? Why is that? Why is the law not being enforced in these ghettoes in Sweden? They tell the ambulances which bodies they can pick up and those they can't.

    I don't think educational classes about Sweden will help. Not in the current form. Unless by education one means explaining that they will be deported unless they fully respect the laws and culture of the host country.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    well I think respect is a 2 way street, and it would depend what you mean by "lectures".
    Gandhi gave lectures, so did martin luther, and jesus for that matter.
    I dont think I would label them primative either, thats rather insulting. makes me think of how the settlers called the indians savages.
    Being a westerner I'm not sure I like my own culture being defined by drugs/achohol, sex ...... Is there nothing more to democracy?
    I say "equality" is the main word here. and what that means, not only needs to be expressed but enforced as well indeed!
    I'm sure a reminder of the problems they faced that led them to immigrating in the first place would be a good reality check!
    ...and as far as asylum seekers go, why are they given no options or hope?Instead of being asked to conform why arent they encouraged to learn - in all things! and encouaged to return to where they came from stronger, free-er, etc and play an active part in reforming their own countries and cultures..... in a way that respects not hates the world that acted as "host".

    again.... yes! boundries need to be set! laws need to be established and carried out even with deportation!
    and you may be right saying liberal to a fault ... and alot has to do with fear of inticing more riots, and extermism, doing nothing is just as wrong slamming down the iron fist without educating or nuturing in any way to balance it out.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you know Dr. Jonz... sociology is psychology applied to groups. I would say the world seems to be stuck on the esteem needs level, what do you think?
    showing a way to the next phase would be a much more produtive solution than war over whos bigger, better and right-er all the time.
    some dont listen or try at all... but some do!! and all religion is full of philosophy and psychology that is easy to understand and use in as healing and a means for personal growth just as much as its used for oppression and hate blah blah....
    and I dont mean religion in a established way ever!!  

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