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  1. # Blogger lone star

    dear God,
    why do you hate me? I'm an idiot in a world full of stupid people?? very funny "god" haha!! well at least I have you to turn to ... though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil....  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dear God

    Save us from people with political will and ego, particularly men with their penis in one hand and a book in the other, bearing your name/karl marx's name/any name (delete as apporopriate) who kill for power and pretend its all for good.

    Meanwhile i thank you for religion. It helps me get by every day and im not the least bit interested in death and destruction. ;)  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    You have seems to have mild phallic obsession, what with swinging dicks, penis in hand etc!

    Repression can lead to bad things. I think half the problem with these terrorists is they have sexual problems, repression and so become oppressive themselves. The way many middle eastern men view women is quite despicable really.

    Well its great that religion helps you. And I'm glad your not into death& destruction. Its not people like you that worry me, you dont say gays should be punished or women stoned.

    And on note related to your last paragraph - I have just passed half way through Richard Dawkins God Delusion, and I feel a quote coming on...

    "Even if it were true that we need god to be moral, it would of course not make God's existence more likely, merely more desirable (many people cannot tell the difference)"  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I can tell the difference.

    And yes i do think many issues are man driven. Maybe someone should write the Testosterone Delusion lol. Im kidding. Ive finished God Delusion and i have to say it wasnt all that great. Hitchens was ok but again not great.

    Im a secularist to a degree (they were a vicious nasty bunch at one point as i tried to explain). Im definitely anti clerical. Without doubt.

    The idea is to convince in an argument and I found Dawkins lacking. If he isnt going to convince me to ditch religion then he is riling for himself. So i doubted his convictions. And many of his examples have been neatly dismissed.

    I wouldnt hold him to be representative of atheism though. Just as i would have hoped you wouldnt hold the few as representative of the religious.

    Isnt it about time the over zealous all took a break?

    In order to fight religion if thats what you want you should experiment with it a bit too. I challenge you to sit in a church one day when its empty. Its less demanding than you think ;)

    Anyway good luck with it. Ill stick up a post about atheism one day soon and you can have a dig back.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you dont say gays should be punished or women stoned

    People dont need religion to think feel or act in that way by the way. An 'ism' is just as capable of evil. And so are individuals, without need of a book to justify it.  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    "many of his examples have been neatly dismissed"

    Such as? I can't imagine you've had more than a cursory read of the thing. Can't say I'd want to read anything by a Christian nut, so I would understand that.

    Religion is still bollocks. Sorry. But it is!  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    OK so why did 9/11 happen? 7/7? Madrid?

    Why don't buddhists behead each other?

    Is it just coincidence that Muslim women are treated as second class citizens in the middle east? Nothing to do with the holy Quran stating a woman is half of a man?

    Why aren't christians sucide bombing? Is it a just a coincidence that most suicide bombers happen to be Muslim?

    Why is Poland trying to ban abortions?

    Why is it that the christian fundamentalist state of Texas has the highest number of executions? Is it just coincidence that in the Old Testament it says "an eye for an eye"?  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Anonymous did you see the subject line from Richard Dawkins in the inbox? Made me laugh anyway.  

  9. # Blogger lone star

    "Save us from people with political will and ego"
    no offense anon but you get no support from me (a God believing person)in your religious fight.
    I've seen your christian solutions and opinions stated on another unmentioned site and you really kind of come off as a Delores Umbridge type.

    I love men, they have been my best friends, role models, and teachers in life, unlike the brainless, self centered, back stabbing bitches I'm surrounded with. so I cant agree with its mens fault either...... takes 2 ya know.  

  10. # Blogger pommygranate

    nice one!

    i may borrow this for my Friday funny (sourced of course)  

  11. # Blogger jonz

    Heh. Glad to be of service me old pommygranate  

  12. # Anonymous sonia

    Heh heh this is really funny!  

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