What's wrong with the BBC?

How can they possibly choose a picture of a fundamentalist Muslim with a union jack when the subject matter is about the National Curriculum for schools in England? 90% of England is white, only 2.97% is Muslim. Why can't the BBC ever show something that is actually representative of the country? Why do they insist on being 'hideously ethnic'?

4 Responses to “What's wrong with the BBC?”

  1. # Blogger Malcolm

    It would be easier to list what's right with the BBC, as even by their own admissions, they are crap.  

  2. # Blogger lone star

    90% white...2% muslim ?? I l;et that slide....

    but did you read in the link..." the curriculum will still contain the essentials: grammar, Shakespeare, the British Empire and algebra."

  3. # Blogger lone star

    ..but now Im confused...
    why chose to add such a "political" photo at all?
    reflection of the country? how about pertaining to the topic???

    I found this lovley yet still hidiously ethnic one to replace it...HAHA


  4. # Blogger jonz

    LOL I think you're right there Malcolm.

    Lone Star, yes I know it does seem a bit confusing but they are two separate facts!!  

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