What a load of Bullocks

Well, it had to happen, and the 'sacred' TB infected bovine is going to get slaughtered. It's a fucking health risk!

This highlights how people with "religious beliefs", which are essentially fantastical fantasies, think that their beliefs trump everything else.

In the Metro this morning, "Hindu monk brother Alex" (ex-hippie-commune-type) said, "If the Welsh assembly want to take him out of there they will have to interrupt an act of worship"

Oh My Fucking God. Not interrupt an act of worship! Fuck! When people are worshipping they should be able to get away with anything!

And another thing

And pagans it seems want a piece of the don't offend my 'religion' lark. This is what happens when the media, establishments and powers that be kertow to the irrational and threatening demands of militant muslims. They all want a piece of the action. FFS.

Homer chalk giant angers pagans

P.s. if you're interested here's some comments I made earlier of which spawned my rant

3 Responses to “What a load of Bullocks”

  1. # Blogger Fidothedog

    Well its now dead, off to the great glue pot in the sky and good riddance I say.  

  2. # Blogger lone star

    wow?!? do they really print such ill imformed reports in the freaking BBC? Its like they word it so its left "open" ?

    Glad the Sin Embargo commenter brought it up...and gave a like to the true divinity.
    your worshiping the wrong god ding dong... let the bunny go !

    Ps...dont eat the cow, the disease can be spread that way too...  

  3. # Blogger lone star

    LOL...looks like Homer is peeing on the giant!  

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