Muslim leaders to "hound out extremists"

Brilliant news, just the sort of thing that would have been nicer had it been said years ago. Still, the tide is turning, at last, it seems within the 'Muslim community', so to speak.

Muslim leaders in Merseyside have promised that extremists will be "hounded out" of their community.

Elders spoke out on Wednesday after it emerged that two of the men being held after the failed UK car bombings are cousins with links to the North West.

Dr Sabeel Ahmed, 26, lived in Liverpool and worked at Halton Hospital, Runcorn, with 27-year-old Mohammed Haneef.

On Wednesday, Mohammad Akbar Ali, a Liverpool Muslim elder, joined police in speaking out against extremism.

"If anyone has any ideas that perhaps they will find some sanctuary or some place to hide after engaging in such activities or entertaining such ideas then he is absolutely wrong," he said.

"We have no place in our hearts or in our mosques or in our areas for such people.

"Let them be warned that they will be hounded out of these areas."

Mr Ali urged older members of the Muslim community to set an example to younger people.

"Some of them are perhaps misguided, and some of them have been thoroughly brainwashed in one way or another," he said.

Mr Ali said one solution was to establish counselling centres where elders could take in any young people with "very misguided ideas about Islam".

2 Responses to “Muslim leaders to "hound out extremists"”

  1. # Blogger Izzie

    Bullshit! It's all talk. Nothing will be done within the so-called "muslim community".  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Haha. Well maybe. Let's see.  

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