The Lebanese Army has "completely destroyed" a Palestinian refugee camp home to 40,000 Palestinians. More than 81 militants and at least 41 civilians have also died.

Remember when Israel fought militants at a Palestinian refugee camp? The left-wing media was hysterical, it was immediately deemed a massacre. Yet at this 'massacre', 56 Palestinians died, most of them militants

And now please observe the front pages of every major news outlet.... Nothing!

So, when Israel destroy a Palestinian refugee camp in counter-terrorist activities it is a massacre. When the Lebananese army does the same, with a higher death toll, it's barely worth mentioning at all.

3 Responses to “Lebanese army completely destroys Palestinian refugee camp. Israel not involved, so media not reporting it.”

  1. # Blogger pommygranate

    it's incredible isnt it.

    why is the media so biased against Israel?  

  2. # Blogger Thermblog

    why is the media so biased against Israel?

    Well pommygranate, it evolved over a long time but at this point, it's journalistic fashion, so ingrained that Joe Journalist doesn't even notice it.  

  3. # Anonymous tazzerman2000

    Thermblog, what you say is correct but it also goes MUCH deeper to their 'worldview' and just how skewed and false it truly is...

    It's pathetic how the truth has been turned on it's head.  

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