John Smeaton: Warning to terrorists

They can try to come to Britain, and they can try to disrupt us any way they want

.. but the British people have been under a lot more things than this

and they will always stand proud.

And you come to Glasgow, Glasgow doesn't accept this, do you know what I mean?

This is Glasgow. We'll set about you

3 Responses to “John Smeaton: Warning to terrorists”

  1. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Rabbie Burns eat your heart out.

    Poem for John Smeaton.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Love it.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Good for John Smeaton!Being partially of Scottish descent and a Muslim as well-serve these murdering eejits right!I was cheered up by his action and also by a recent statement by Scots-domiciled Muslims that heaped anathema on the perpetrators of such acts.Something lacking where i now live in London-sadly,as Islam,when looked at holistically,is a common-sense and rational religion-and i thus suspect that the fundamentalist element can be lampooned without blasphemy but with recourse to the extremists'
    skewed approach to life.If there isn't someone to physically stop them.Muslims need their own Billy Connolly-to make the extremist Wahabbi/Deobandi sects responsible for such out-rages stand out as being a joke,rather than something attractive to Muslims.For example,the Deobandi sect's predilection for long hair and kohl eye-liner...and that's just the men...A drunk non-Muslim with a thing about Amy Winehouse could come a cropper!  

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