Declare War on Savagery and Barbarism

The forces endeavouring to enslave the entire world now are moving towards this hemisphere. Delay invites danger. Rapid and united efforts by all peoples of the world who are determined to remain free will ensure world victory for the forces of justice and righteousness over the forces of savagery and barbarism.

President Roosevelt to Congress, 1941

3 Responses to “Declare War on Savagery and Barbarism”

  1. # Blogger lone star

    Roosevelt is my favorite president!
    well one of them....
    his wife was amazing too, I connect to her in a lot of ways, a real role model ... (both are still really)

    current events make me think back to this a lot.
    how come in WWII we as countries looked to each other sooo much for strenght and support. I know britian was even angry it took so long for us to come with aide in full force :(

    why now when some of us as people - all politics aside ... see the importance of your role in this new war and the dangerous effect it will have on our own safety and future .... you dont want our help? and I dont mean the "we want to take over your problems" help some offer...  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Well thanks for the link to Eleanor Rooselvelt, a remarkable character too it seems.

    Lone star not quite sure what you are getting at in the last paragraph there?!  

  3. # Blogger lone star

    hummm... I'm not sure how to answer that clearly.. Ive left countless comments here and else where about it.
    sigh, NO ONE listens!
    doesnt matter! and people will say worry about yourself and your own country!! I am!!! and too bad yours plays a major role.... and Im not the only one who sees that, I have also seen an ever growing anti american attitude leaking into britian ...both inside and outside of your "immigrant" population.
    the more I think about it maybe its not you I would want to help at all!! I have a more global view.
    to bad the only possible chance for change is england! What are you all doing about it besides waiting for the government to fix it? pointing fingers? getting angry and hating people? I ask you this especially since I have seen YOU give the correct answers in comments both here and elswhere !?!?!?  

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