Contrast & Compair

The Telegraph cartoonist makes a rather apt and important political point.

The Guardian, however, despite their Islamophobic racists [well, if only he was white eh lefties? Never mind], they only want to criticise the government and authorities reaction to terrorism.

On their Comment is Free site, the heading Steve Bellend picture is this

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  1. # Blogger Izzie

    So bloody typical of the Guardian. It's so frustrating.

    And now Johnston is released, it will be interesting to see their cartoon for that. A bunch of Hamas bunnies surrounding the brave "friend of the Palestinians" perhaps?  

  2. # Blogger lone star

    the frustating part for me is the constant focus on opinions, and problems seperating every issue in the world into a never ending argument.
    really really turns into a battle of egos and fighting over control and popularity for prides sake.
    Followed by "perfect world" solutions that put every problem, danger, and threat to the future into one giant negitive pile, way to large for any person or people to tackle.
    It's so much easier to point the blame at others, that way no one actually has to do anything but stand their ground and keep arguing until it gets so out of control ....
    It's funny that I keep seeing people ask for strong leadership, no! make that BEGGING for it, anyone who knows anything about history knows that is a very bad thing to look to for solutions, personally , I think there seems to be an over abundance of leaders in the world today, and what we are in desperate need of is some teachers!!! "Leaders" put society in a weakend state under control, mentaly and physically. "teachers" strengthen and encourage others to be their best. I'm sure alot of that needs some explaing..and now I have added to the "opinion pot".

    anyway jonz, love that you give view to the contrast in the media!! most people don't.
    I remember long ago you defined the press as -the voice of the people... what happened to it?  

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