New Olympic Logo

This is what everybody is thinking about the logo

BBC London news broadcast some alternative logos that were created, and they let this slip through the net. This refers to the Goatse internet meme.

Here's the BBC broadcasting it! Thanks to Harry's Place for links which one could not be arsed to locate oneself.

8 Responses to “New Olympic Logo”

  1. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    This is of course four car parks surrounding the last remaining football pitch on Hackney Marshes  

  2. # Anonymous Hilga

    The amount of money is cost to produce that piece of shit you "vill love it".  

  3. # Blogger Malcolm

    It reminds me of Fuzzy Felt !
    Small bits of felt that can be put on a background to make nice pictures played with by pre-school children that can't be trusted with dangerous toys such as glue or intellect.  

  4. # Blogger Malcolm

    Hold on. looking at the BBC news site and the 'never trust a hippy' blog (I never did and never would) I notice massive support for kidnapped journalist Alan Johnston. Not seen any support for the kidnapped US troops, or kidnapped Israeli soldier though. Whatever happened to him ?  

  5. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    It reminds me of Fuzzy Felt

    I had my fuzzy felt at primary school. It was great.

    That logo, on the other hand, is shite.  

  6. # Anonymous Minny Mouse

    I feel I must whisper, because I am a minority but I like the logo, the original one that is. Oh God what does that make me. Do not all answer at once.  

  7. # Anonymous jamal

    It spells Zion!  

  8. # Blogger Malcolm

    Jamal, stoppit !
    It (the lame logo) spells 'what a waste of money' !
    No-one remembers Olympic logos, what was the Athens or the Sydney logo ? Nobody remembers yet there were teams of skilled graphic artists and marketing gurus working day and night on those logos !I'm currently looking to change my career to that of 'Olympic City Image Consultant'. Snappy title, eh ? Should be worth a cool 200K p.a. !!  

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