More From the Monty Python's Mohammed Crew


9 Responses to “More From the Monty Python's Mohammed Crew”

  1. # Blogger Jeremy Jacobs

    1. "For God's sake, I told you not to phone me here. People think I'm being held captive in Gaza"
    (Alan Johnston)


    2. "BBC, can I help you"

    in fact, I'll stick this on my site. You'll get a linklback  

  2. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    Mohammed’s office catering delivery? We want 2 cheese salad baps, 1 tuna melt, 2 lattes and a decaff tea please.  

  3. # Anonymous lone star

    was thinking same as granny ... But was say ...
    "hello? ACME..." which would only be funny if youve seen roadrunner cartoons...
    now Im gonna think about this all day!
    have fun at concert!!

    sorry cant log in?  

  4. # Blogger lone star

    This is incredable! have you seen it?  

  5. # Blogger lone star

    shit..thats not the link I wanted but still a good read...:(  

  6. # Blogger Malcolm

    Does my bomb look big in this ? (sorry, sorry, sorry)  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    No mom, I'm just hanging out with some friends... mom, I'm not at some wild party... yes, mom. I understand you. Yes mom. Sorry mom. Okay mom. Love you too, mom. No, I'm not smuggling or killing or doing anything illegal mom. Yes mom. Bye mom.  

  8. # Anonymous bernard

    "hello, I want to make a complaint about the 'invisible man' ointment cream I bought from you online.
    It only affects my face".  

  9. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks for all the hilarious captions guys n gals

    We'll beat these islamofacsists through the medium of humour!!  

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