Israel Attacks Palestinian Refuge Camp

Only joking. But imagine if they did?

The outrage! The media swarms, pronouncements by Ban Ki-Moon of the UN to stop the atrocities, minute by minute BBC accounts of the humanitarian disaster.

Photo's of the damage, witness accounts, quite possibly more fauxtography.

But it's ok. It's the Lebanese army battling at a 2nd Palestinian refuge camp. Of course anything to do with the Palestinians will get prominence on the BBC website. But with over 100 dead in two weeks of fighting, I cant help but feel people aren't really that interested in unless it's Israel doing the fighting.

The Muslim and left-wing blogs would be awash with verbose diatribes about Zionism and Israel. But they don't have much to say on the issue, funnily enough.

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  1. # Anonymous jamal

    Israel did kill two children though, and you have not mentioned that!  

  2. # Blogger A Free Man

    It is strange! The fighting has been going on in Lebanon for 2 weeks now! where is the 24/7 coverage we got last summer when it was Israel and Hizbollah?

    As you rightly say, where is John Simpson, last year he was travelling about south Lebanon to tell us how awful it was for the civilians.

    I suppose it does not matter when Arabs kill Arabs, (unless it is Iraq, then it should also get a disproportionate amount of airtime)
    But when Israel incidentally kills civilians herded there by Hizbollah in the hope they will be hit. Then it is MSM frenzy!

    I suppose a Jewish killer is just so much more terrible then any other sort of killer!  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    Hmm. You did not mention that when two civilian Israelis were killed in recently with Qassam rockets.

    It's tragic that kids died Jamal. But what the fuck were they doing? The army reports they repeatedly told them to stop, and they planted a suspicious device? Where were their parents?? Why is Palestinian society so neglectful of their young??

    And why does Palestinian society positively encourage children to die - in the name of martyrdom???

    I don't remember you posting about this

    Jerusalem, Israel (AHN) - A deaf, mute and quadriplegic Israeli child died last week of injuries sustained in a Palestinian rocket attack several days earlier on the southern Israel town of Sderot.

    The 13-year-old victim was critically wounded when a rocket slammed into a bus carrying himself and three other physically-challenged children. The other passengers and the bus driver were also wounded in the attack.

    Point is Jamal, the Lebanese army could inadvertently have killed 6 children in the past week but you're unlikely to hear the media screaming about it, they're just not that interested unless it's Israel doing the killing. Same with you it seems.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Yes indeed A Free Man, I'm glad somebody agrees!

    One [of the liberal or Muslim media] it seems can only get really outraged if it's a Jew or an American doing the killing!

    The BBC and the liberal media (like the Independent) bigger culprits than the Daily Mail for whipping up racial tensions and distorting the facts.

    We know that Jews in this country are SIX times more likely to be atttacked than a Muslim.

    Jewish attacks were highest in Muslim populated areas. The media's portrayal of Israel as the slayer of innocent Palestinian children is disgusting and contributes to attacks on Jews around the world. Yet attacks on Israel or Jews just aren't as 'newsworthy'.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Jamal I'm glad your concerned about the fate of Palestinian children. Me too.  

  6. # Blogger Dawn

    It is strange! The fighting has been going on in Lebanon for 2 weeks now! where is the 24/7 coverage we got last summer when it was Israel and Hizbollah?

    Yes I think it is strange too. Been watching daily Palestinian men, women and children being bombed and running for their lives. To-date I haven't noticed any outraged response from the world's media, especially the BBC. So what's different, oh don't tell me I know, it is not the evil Israelis doing the dirty deeds, so it's okay then?  

  7. # Blogger Umbongo


    I suppose what the Lebanese Army is up to is what the MSM, BBC, Respect, the various committees to represent Muslim terrorists - and not forgetting William Hague and David Cameron - etc have decided is a "proportionate response"  

  8. # Blogger Dawn

    Umbongo...right thanks I knew there was a legimate answer..I hope the bullets have Lebanese written on them and not Israeli so the Palestinians know who is killing them.  

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