Hamas Helpdesk

"Hamas help desk, WTF do you mean, BSOD?"
"Allahu Akbar, every one has a coffee cup holder"
"I'm afraid your early withdrawal entails some penalties"
"These jew computers have no keyboards"
"What do you mean, all three people in the bathroom upstairs are dead?"

Nabbed from co-blogger Epaminondas

2 Responses to “Hamas Helpdesk”

  1. # Blogger Jeremy Jacobs

    Nice one. Did you the scumbag Chris Davies LibDem(MEP) blaming Israel for the Arab violence on the BBC this morning?  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    No I didn't, thank god. I am off to the O2 wireless festival in Hyde Park. I don't need pricks like that raising my blood pressure!!  

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