Blair & Brown Thread

Bid farewall to Tony Blair as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Awesome news

Tony Blair is to become a Middle East envoy working on behalf of the US, Russia, the UN and the EU.

It's my belief that Tony Blair is about the only person who could change the middle east. Imagine a non-interventionist liberal-lefty at the helm: "Oh please stop being so nasty! Oh stop that bombing Israel! Stop picking on those Palestinian 'militants'!"

Nah. Tony Blair has got his head screwed on. He knows full well the precarious position of Israel, and that a commitment to a two state solution, with a complete cessation of terror is the only way.

And it's a two fingered salute to the terrorist scumbags around the world. And a purple finger for decent democratic values in the middle east!

If telling peoples and societies that killing to "protect" religion is wrong, that misogyny is wrong, and barbaric punishments for misdemeanour's is WRONG WRONG WRONG - if that is cultural imperialism - then BRING IT THE FUCK ON!

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  1. # Blogger Malcolm

    I wonder if our Dear Leader starts his day with a bowl of porridge washed doon wi' a dram of whisky ?  

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