Stop The War "Gaffe"

Perusing news aggregator sites can be fun. Oh, so much fun. I came across this little piece in the Croydon Guardian

Wandsworth Stop the War Coalition may have caused some raised eyebrows in naming as its honorary president Moazzam Begg, co-founder of an Islamic bookshop selling extremist materials.

The Birmingham Muslim spoke at a coalition meeting at St Augustine's Church Hall in Broadwater Road, Tooting, last Wednesday, about his incarceration at Guantanamo Bay. The audience applauded - despite his former job selling Osama bin Laden DVDs.

But when the Borough News questioned the coalition, they backtracked and said the final decision was still to be made.

Let's hold no illusions. Many in the Stop the War coalition are not anti-war. They are anti-western. Given that Moazaam Begg used to sell Bin Laden DVDs, you can see that in fact they are actually pro-war - in collaboration with the communist brethen that organise these leftist wankfests. They are pro-war -- they are just on the other side.


3 Responses to “Stop The War "Gaffe"”

  1. # Blogger fido

    Cheers for reporting on Begg, just done a bit on that.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Heh. Thanks Fido. I'd recommend anyone to click on Fido's blog as he has done some research, unlike my lazy ass.  

  3. # Blogger Marcus Aurelius

    Peace activists are wankero supremos. They favor peace only wfor the side they want to lose.  

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