Nice One Tony

Tony Blair: One of the great Prime Ministers of Great Britain.

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  1. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    can you tell them I said thank you too please..........  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Next time I speak to Tony I'll be sure to pass on your thanks  

  3. # Blogger CoralPoetry

    I’ve been reading and re-reading the various hate blogs that vilified every aspect of Tony Blair and his policies. These blogs are purportedly written by Conservative Councillors hailing from various parts of Britain, mostly from the London area. These so-called Councillors are probably paid stooges sitting in prison cells with nothing better to do. Apparently, there’s no law against stealing another person’s identity if the impostor gains no financial rewards, but merely ruins the reputation of the owner of the name he has stolen.

    At least, with a definitive departure date, Tony Blair has shut these charlatan bloggers up once and for all. Yesterday and today’s pages are unusually insipid and lacking in content - most have proclaimed an end or a hiatus in their blogs. I wonder why?


  4. # Blogger Malcolm

    Yes, thank you Cherie for lending us your husband, while we have him, we are going to perform a few experiments on him:
    1. Testing the ability of a Blair to withstand 12,000 volts,
    2. Testing the effect of South American Killer Bees on a Blair,
    3. Finding out how long a Blair can endure being roasted in front of a hot fire.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Hey CoralPoetry, that's interesting... do you have any links to those blogs?

    I must admit I've found Conservative blogs to be almost as damning of Blair as the far-left sites, which I have found surprising given the stance on 9/11 and the Iraq war etc etc  

  6. # Blogger Freeborn Englishman

    I presume this must be a blog written by someone outside the 'UK', so I will forgive your ignorance of British domestic affairs.

    While Anthony Charles Lynton B Liar has been grandstanding on the international stage, he has spent the last 9 years presiding over a government of sexual deviants and criminal cronies that is destroying our liberties, reducing his own country (England) to the level of a Third World country, and selling us out to the technocrat Stalinists of the European Union and the Islamists of the Muslim Council of Britain.

    Just a few examples:

    (i) Habeas Corpus (protection from arbitrary arrest without charge) severely weakened - we can now be detained incommunicado for 28 days before charges are brought. The government still wants 90 days - 3 months!

    (ii) Politicisation of all public services - compulsory indoctrination in Political Correctness for all public servants.

    (iii) Uncontrolled immigration - especially from guess where - Pakistan and other backward Islamic countries. Many cities in the England (especially in the North) now have Muslim-majority enclaves.

    (iv) Aggressive promotion of gay, lesbian and 'transgender' "lifestyles", bending over backwards to appease radical Islam, while on the other hand suppressing all expressions of native English culture (especially anything Christian) as "racist".

    (v) Giving even more powers away to the unelected and unaccountable European Union - which now passes 80% of new laws which the Westminster parliament must rubber-stamp.

    (vi) Ever greater restrictions on the right to free speech, freedom of association, right to privacy. Google "Taking Liberties" + website to find a film that documents how they have done this.

    I could go on. Winston Churchill would be spinning in his grave to see what has become of this once great country. So, please, while you may think this narcissistic actor has been a great friend to the US, he has done so only at the cost of destroying the country he was elected to serve.  

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