Eurovision Torrents

The internet is a naughty place. And I, must admit, am quite a naughty person. The sharing of copyrighted materials on the net is massdebated by all the big corporations who charge £17.99 for a fucking DVD, and wonder why people share online for free or very small cost.

Of course this sharing "revolution" has brought about much change. You can now, for instance download a Music track for around 50p, and entire albums for a few British pounds. Great. I am all for supporting artists in their work, providing the record companies (or the artists themselves) aren't out to rip us off.

Charles Johnson, who dictates the Little Green Footballs blog is outraged that people have been posting the encyrption key for HD-DVD on the internet. He quite clearly states he thinks this is an "illegal activity". Which is quite bizzare. Sharing a number, even an encryption key, is not illegal. He describes those who were posting it as "thugs". He know doubt sees the posting of the encryption key as symptomatic of a flawed leftist idealism and as such to be opposed utterly.

Personally, I can't help but think, fuck 'em. The huge corporations I mean. I am a capitalist, I believe in free markets, but when we talk about corporations such as Sony you are talking about a massive faceless entity whose economy supersedes that of the GDP of some small countries, and as such, I don't have a great deal of sympathy.

Well, anyway, that brings me on nicely to Eurovision Torrents, where all the Eurovision songs are available to watch online or download. You can also vote - for free. Now, before some of you start getting all moralistic on me, this going to have next to no impact on the revenue of the artists. They will be paid for concerts, tours, TV appearances and they will be rewarded both in the shops and online if they're music is good.

So, fuck all that, and click here and vote for the Israeli Eurovision song "Push the Button", which is almost definitely about Iranian religious nutjobs wanting to annihilate Israel. And so deserves to win. Full stop.

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  1. # Anonymous jamal

    Nice link (not the site but the info). If you plan to make use of that code (im not encouraging any illegal behaviour, always better to buy things at high prices), then this site has the tools and explanation to use it.  

  2. # Blogger Renegade Eye

    Good music builds good music. A good download loads leads to interest in concert tickets, and buying a CD to read the liner.

    I was happily surprised you visited my blog. I think we started about the same time, although your blog is older.  

  3. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    I really like it when you write about something in your own words :)
    (not that I dont appreciate all your posts) I was gonna say something along the lines of what has already been expressed in the above comment. Personally (as a u-tube addict) "sharing" has exposed me to many things I may not have ever seen other wise. So really it can benifit the artist by opening them to a wider audience. instead though I started wondering, why is all this fuss always centered around the film and music industry? doesnt copywrighting serve to prevent others from making money off your work? no one makes a profit from sharing .
    sorry that I dont feel to bad for the corporations either ... and after watching "cribs" .... I have little pity for the arist sometimes too. but think about other things people share.... books- I cant remember the last time I paid for one? I find them, or people just give them to me.... lots of places have millions of people re-selling a book they bought? anyone making a fuss over this process?
    and how about the news media? blog after blog will have articles copied from various publications, isn't that sharing too? can there ever be a law that says you cant pass on your daily paper to someone else to read... I'm sure it takes away from someones profit to not make everyone buy their own copy? I can come up with many more examples , but I hope this is enough to get my point across. Does it make any sense?  

  4. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    seeing renegades name ...made me think of one of my all time fav bands....
    now I have no choice but to share, only seems appropriate :P

    renegades are people with their own phlosophies - they cahnge the course of history.....  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sony you are talking about a massive faceless entity whose economy supersedes that of the GDP of some small countries, and as such, I don't have a great deal of sympathy.

    Actually you are talking about something which will eventually and inevitably cost people jobs in that sector. Sony has cut back on staff as it loses out for a nos of reasons but this sort of thing is one of the reasons. If you attack cost thats something but all corporations have people who work for them. People like you.  

  6. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    again I ask, why just the film and music industry??
    How do you make people not share??
    I could get very stupid with this you know.... but the analogy can be be used with any bought and sold product really.

    If your worried about peoples jobs, I understand - but I can tell you from experience corporations seldom have the little guys best interest in mind. I can give you some insight into "industry" ...
    even that can be shared.... but it's sold instead.  

  7. # Blogger pommygranate

    jonz - ill ignore the flawed economics, but more importantly has the eurovision Song Contest started already?

    one of the great drawbacks of living outside Europe is not hearing Tezza's sarcastic commenting once a year.

    vote TeaPacks for me!  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Anonymous you say people are "losing theiur jobs" because of this. Any pommy granate, with regards to "flawed economics"... Do you have any evidence?

    There have been some very indepth studies.

    We find that file sharing has no statistically significant effect on purchases of the average album in our sample. Moreover, the estimates are of rather modest size when compared to the drastic reduction in sales in the music industry. At most, file sharing can explain a tiny fraction of this decline. This result is plausible given that movies, software, and video games are actively downloaded, and yet these industries have continued to grow since the advent of file sharing. While a full explanation for the recent decline in record sales are beyond the scope of this analysis, several plausible candidates exist. These alternative factors include poor macroeconomic conditions, a reduction in the number of album releases, growing competition from other forms of entertainment such as video games and DVDs (video game graphics have improved and the price of DVD players or movies have sharply fallen), a reduction in music variety stemming from the large consolidation in radio along with the rise of independent promoter fees to gain airplay, and possibly a consumer backlash against record industry tactics.26 It is also important to note that a similar drop in record sales occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and that record sales in the 1990s may have been abnormally high as individuals replaced older formats with CDs (Liebowitz, 2003).

    In summary to the whole report;

    The main facts relevant to us are that 'cultural spending' appears to be unrelated to copying but increased willingness to pay (WTP) is negatively related. Willingness to pay for a track averaged 0.30 euros with a standard deviation of 0.27 euros (ed: For comparison the iTunes music store charges 0.99 euros a track).


    The two facts singled out above regarding cultural spending and willingness to pay would both tend to increase the welfare benefits of P2P file-sharing. The first by indicating that spending, and therefore the supply of creative works, is unaffected by P2P (the authors suggest that this indicates the substitution effect approximately cancels the sampling effect). The second by indicating that copying is among those who would not purchase anyway and who would, with monopoly pricing, make up the deadweight costs of monopoly (i.e. those who would acquire the good at marginal cost but who will not when it is priced at monopoly rates).

  9. # Blogger jonz

    Sorry for the typos. Unforutnately corporate bastards Google (tongue in cheek) have taken over Blogger and they've now closed the loophole which allowed us to edit comments :(  

  10. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    Attempt 2
    I am finding it very difficult to post since Google took over.

    Have you seen this interview with teapack from Something Jewish?  

  11. # Blogger jonz

    Weatherwax, it can certainly be a pain in the posterior sometimes. I always CTRL+A and CTRL+C just before I risk hitting post. Thanks for the link to their interview - I will read tomorrow as I have had one too many of the naughty beverages.  

  12. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    So how's the head this morning?  

  13. # Blogger Malcolm

    Don't say bad things about the fun-fest that is Eurovision !
    It is the blueprint for a happy Europe, united in it's love of strange pop songs and oddly dressed contestants. Eurovision is the only thing that brightens up the otherwise gloomy month of May.  

  14. # Blogger jonz

    Sorry weatherwax didn't see the comment till now... the head gets used to it! I'm not so great today though as I'm ill at home with the flu :(

    Malcolm, I don't know whether to laugh or cry...  

  15. # Blogger jonz

    And hi Renegade! Long time no see!  

  16. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    Make yourself a hot lemon and settle down to watch Eurovision.  

  17. # Blogger jonz

    Weatherwax a hot lemon sounds nice, but in the end I couldn't bare the humiliation of watching Eurovision! I am glad I didn't as we came 2nd last... I heard today that William Hill bookmakers have odds that it's twice as likely that Eurovision 2008 Britain will get nul points as opposed to actually winning it!  

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