Will Channel 4 be batting for the other side again?

Channel 4 says it is considering delaying a drama about British soldiers in Iraq as the UK negotiates to free 15 Royal Navy personnel captured by Iran.

The Mark of Cain, which was due to be broadcast on Thursday, shows British troops abusing Iraqi detainees.

But families of the captured crew and senior military figures have expressed concerns about the timing of the show.

Channel 4 said it was reviewing the broadcast date, but was "not convinced" the drama could influence negotiations.

In other news, the here's a BBC Analysis on the current situation by Paul Reynolds, entitled Dispute enters diplomatic phase

...This reading seems to have been strengthened by the appearance on Channel 4 news in Britain on Monday of a senior Iranian official, Ari Larijani. The Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow said that Mr Larijani had contacted them, so he obviously wanted his message to get across.

The Iranian officials obviously never heard of Channel 4 then...

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