What's wrong with this sentence?

British forces have killed eight gunmen laying landmines in southern Iraq, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) says.

BBC News

6 Responses to “What's wrong with this sentence?”

  1. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    ummm... well for one, They forgot to use the quotation marks you love ...
    (yes I'm being stupid...sorry)  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Well Tus Tin .. How why are they called "gunmen" if they are laying bombs?!  

  3. # Anonymous frock

    they are being called gunmen cause that there title. and what the hell is this guy tu.s tin talking about?  

  4. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    maybe they were multitasking? or due to a shortage in "labor" they were just filling in (sorry- still stupid)

    frock, I was joking, or trying to, anyway.
    I'm curious though why all of you keep calling me a guy? someone a few comments down refered to me in man slang terms as " a lucky fucker"?
    kind of caught me off gaurd, but not in any offensive way...I am not expecting any special treatment but
    clicking on my name takes you right to a profile which - well - says I am female..... I hope in person my gender is not open to assumption, Im getting a complex here.  

  5. # Anonymous frock

    tu s.tin sorry i stand corrected .i only asummed .forgive my ignorance.  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    thats what i like about drunkenbloggers.. we're just so damn civil to each other when we have misunderstandings ;)  

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