Racist Islamophobes out in force (again)

That's Mustafa Attaturk who founded Turkey to create a modern, democratic and secular state based on Western principles of governance.

Tens of thousands of Turkish nationals are rallying in Istanbul in opposition to the threat of Islamic political parties gaining power. The communist run Islamophobia watch and (Jamal's Radical Muslim!) have been surprisingly silent on this outrage.

But of course using the BBC as your sole means of news for the world will give you a very skewed picture based upon it's incessant liberal-left agenda which almost seems to take on a life of it's own at times...

This Turkish Islamist protestor seems calm and collected, don't you think?

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  1. # Anonymous jamal

    Actually, I wrote about this before, and nothings realy changed. These protesteors do not represent the majority.


  2. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks Jamal. It is quite possible they are not the majority.

    I don't fall for the liberal Turkey_is_just_like_us line.

    They are not. In one survey 40% backed "honour" killings, 21% said her nose or ears should be cut off if she commited adultery.

    Colonel Gadaffi was right, Turkey is a trojan horse for Islam. Let's up they never join the EU!

    I do, on the other hand, have immense respect for the Turkish secularists, and Mustafa Kamal Attaturk was a true visionary. He took Turkey out of the dark ages.  

  3. # Anonymous jamal

    I hope they join the EU and think they will. I think the one thing stopping it joining it is the fear of having an Islamic state in the EU. Nevertheless, as Turkey will always be so varied, partly due to its geographics, i do not think it would matter too much as it would probly run more like Nigeria where Sharia intensity and implementation varies.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I can't see Turkey joining the EU any time soon. The arguments for seem to have dimmed in recent months, and the notion of having an Islamic state within the EU, with the population movement that it would surely entail - whether there is a Romania-type clause or not - will not be popular with the natives of .... well, pretty well anywhere in the rest of Europe.

    The wider idea that it would moderate Islamism within the EU and provide a mental link is fanciful and naive. I'm surprised that the likes of Denis McShane still parrot that one.

    Sadly, we've come too far in our enforced understanding of the differences between Islam and Western societies to indulge the hands-across-the-water sentiment of even a few years ago. My bet? Won't happen.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks Anon, good comment. Try making up a name next time, the human soul do noteth liketh faceless comments on blogs ;)  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Gül was prominently a controversial candidate for several reasons. His background including the two proscribed islamist political parties, and a recently re-revealed interview of him in the Guardian newspaper in 1995 where he stated "We want to change the secular system" was seen as the major concerns of the protesters. Morever her wife, who previously filed a complaint against Turkey in the European Court of Human Rights, is wearing a head scarf; which many had seen as a threat to the secular Republic Regime of Turkey, and thus expressed this inconvinience in the second rally.  

  7. # Anonymous Maggie

    I don't think Turkey should join the EU ... do we want anymore mosques, muslims. They won't as expected join the Germany community - they will all head for the good old UK and I would like to point out we are full up - doors closed. When the secularists expand their demonstrations to over 4 million or more maybe we could consider it but not now the fraction is too small. Feel sorry for them no...just like Darfur enter there he who dares and it is all to dangerous and invites hostility from the rest of the world. keep out Turkey from EU, UK stay out of Darfur - let the muslims sort out the muslims or Christian Africa, lol. Make UK secular. I hate political religion.  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Thankyou very much Anon for the detailed background info...

    Maggie, couldn't agree more on hating political religion. And you are right, they would head for the UK, no.1 destination for migrants in Europe as it is.  

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