Muslim women may wear Niqab in British courts

I suggest other people wear balaclavas or KKK outfits, as per their personal and religious beliefs.

BBC News

Update: Granny Wetherwax has more on this at NER. It seems despite the way the BBC have dressed it, as somebody else has pointed out, it's down to the judge.

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  1. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    I prefered the emphasis in the interim guidelines issued in February. But I believe that Judges (who in the main do not want veils worn in their court) will, using the "case by case" basis, and the constitutional principle of Judicial independence from the executive, be able to require niqabs to be removed.  

  2. # Anonymous frock

    jonz. you upset me whith that.your putting raciscm with religion. RELIGION.a service and worship of god.RACISCM.people that are superior to others.i think there is a big differance. kkk?in some form that takes me back to hitler. please explain.  

  3. # Blogger jonz

    Frock, if you were to study Islam you will find that it is, absolutley, a supreamicst ideology.

    KKK is just dumb racism, Islamism is a far more intellectual supreamcism.

    I am surprised by you not getting this frock to be honest.

    I can trot out verse after verse from the Qu'ran which shows that it is a violent and cruel belief system for those who would oppose it.

    In my opinion, those women who wear niqabs are fundamentalist. What else are they? They are saying, hey look at my i'm completely Islamic.

    I find niqabs and burqas utterly offensive. Or is only the preserve of Muslims to be offended by things culturally?  

  4. # Anonymous jamal

    What religion do balaclavas belong too?  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Thankyou very much for asking Jamal, the answer is the Church of Balaclavas  

  6. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    in a way I can understand your KKK comparison. with the men more than the women covering their faces since KKK memebers do this to hide their identity, so everytime I see images of men doing things with a scarf tied around their face I wonder why? if your gonna stand up for a cause you should have the balls to let the world know its you doing it.
    There is always fear in some form behind hiding things.
    As for the girls, I'm not offened. Confused maybe. I have meet no muslim who says this is a part of Islam. Traditionaly the veil is a practice of "cast" worn by the rich, so it can be looked at as predgidice and setting yourself apart, even pride, which is actually againt Islam.
    The parts of the koran you bring up are disturbing, but more in the way they are used. NO! person who beleives in God should glory in others burning in hell!
    I think thoes lines can be more a call for mercy, but I dont see them being read as such.
    what offends me is all the use of the word "unbelieves"

    sorry this is a bit of a rushed comment.....  

  7. # Anonymous frock

    jonz. yes kkk. in my eyes is dumb raciscm. islamism more intellectual.?whatever.but asking them to give it up solves NOTHING. maybe you have not seen it but the movie v for vendetta tells a great story. when all the people wore the same mask it stood for something. i really thought you were more opened minded .you are offended by what they dont be offended but i try to look at a bigger picture.  

  8. # Blogger jonz

    Of course Islamism far more cerebral. It's based on a thousand or so pages of text...

    I'm not really offended as such, it just makes me angry. The reasons are multiple. Let me try and explain one.

    Over here in London, Muslim women enjoy all the freedoms and equalities as men, yet they choose (some are forced no doubt) to wear a full black veil over the entire body. In Saudi Arabia and Iran Islamic clothes are compulsory - these are sometimes enforced brutally.

    I remember reading an Iranian, and his anger at seeing more Hijabs and Niqabs on internal British flights than on flights leaving Tehran for London. He described how shortly after the plan takes off from Tehran, nearly all women remove their compulsory headscarfs.

    However I feel angriest at Muslim men who choose to wear the full Bin Laden style robes and koranic beards. They know full well they are dressing exactly as Bin Laden and they really revel in it.

    If they feel so strongly about their religion, why don't they live in an Islamic utopia such as Saudi Arabia?  

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