Iran Seeks Goodwill!

It's ok folks, Iran seeks goodwill - the BBC states it unequivocally!

Of course it should read Iran "seeks goodwill" over captives.

Fucking idiots!!!

7 Responses to “Iran Seeks Goodwill!”

  1. # Blogger A Free Man

    Well, Blair has fucked most things up during his 'reign' of the last 10 years, shreding Britain's international reputation was a parting gift!

    This country can now be certain that it's name will be a byword for 'craven' 'cowardly' and 'incompetant'in the future!

    Great work Tone!  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    LOL. I take it you wont be voting labour next time!  

  3. # Blogger Renegade Eye

    I have no idea what Iran got out of this?

    they still have diplomats in jail in Iraq.  

  4. # Anonymous frock

    this is complete embarrasment. the brit royal what evar cried . US MARINES. would never do that.  

  5. # Blogger pommygranate


    This is like watching a car crash in extreme slow motion. It's the end of an illusion for me.  

  6. # Anonymous frock

    sorry lonz. pherhaps i was to quick to judge.but it seems they were likely to catch the interest of the public .which is what the media and gov wants. sorry to quick to speak  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    "like watching a car crash in extreme slow motion" what an analogy!

    no worries frock. It's been an interesting episode that has sparked some good debate  

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