"What are your concerns over latest teenage killings?"

The BBC's forums and Have Your Say pieces are a victory to common sense, the perfect anti-dote to the liberal intelligentsia. I really would love to get in the shitstorm that must be occuring in liberal minds over at the beeb when reading what the mere common peasants are saying.

The problem in getting this gang violence problem sorted out is that it is largely a black youth culture driven where to gain respect among your peers you have to conform to the 'Gangsta' lifestyle . The majority of the reported crimes are black on black violence. Of course if the police target such gang members there will be screams from white, liberal, middle class, PC zealots about police racism.

John Scott

Spot on John.

As there are no screaming headlines of "racist killing", I'm taking an educated guess that both victim and suspected killer in this instance are of the same non-white colour. Race is not important to me, you understand; but it means everything to our cowering pc establishment who try to convince us that racist crimes are more serious. I hope the killers of this boy get the same hefty sentence that a "racist" killer would get. In both situations there is a trail of shattered & bereaved loved ones

Nicola, Englandville

Good point Nicola. It really is rather infuriating the way the media report things with regards to race. If a black boy dies, nobody has screamed racism, then you know for a fact that the killer is also black. I don't buy into this colour-blind approach. If you don't acknowledge the nature of a problem, how are you going to solve it?

We know that generally only black people suffer from sickle cell anemia, that only white people suffer from cystic fibrosis, and that Asian mothers tend to give birth two weeks earlier than white mothers. In the medical field, a race blind approach would amount to gross negligence.

We know that there is a HIV epidemic, especially in London. The fact is, which is never mentioned in the media, is that the majority of these HIV cases are heterosexual males from the African continent. So is it really necessary to have a massive HIV awareness campaign (featuring white teenagers) in the heart of white chav central in Essex?

This comment probably won't get through as it doesn't meet the pc criteria of the BBC. However, I have to ask, why we don't see gang warfare from other 'disadvantaged' minorities such as Indians, Chinese and Jews? They came here with just as many disadvantages as blacks but just got on and worked hard rather than playing the victim card constantly. Its time we called a spade a spade and stopped excusing this awful gangsta culture!

Michael Townsley, Shepherd's Bush, London

Agree 100% with the need to come out and condemn this awful gangsta culture. BBC liberals must be seething at all these straight up comments.

Every time another stabbing is reported my first thought is "black teenager". Perhaps its time the police were given proper powers to stop and search. All these people who say "it goes against individuals rights" need to wake up and smell the coffee. Your PC liberalism is whats got this country into the mess its in now. The victims of these crimes have rights too. People won't carry weapons if they know they can be searched. Britain needs to start protecting itself against do-gooders too!!

Bodybag, Colchester

Precisley 'bodybag'!

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  1. # Blogger pommygranate


    it always makes me laugh reading the bbc's 'have your say' forum. totally at odds with the tone of their editorial output.

    like your blog - have added you to my blogroll. are you a regular HP commenter?  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Yeah me too pommygranate. Quite hilarious really. Occasionally highly recommended comments seem to disappear altogether, although haven't seen that happen recently.

    I read HP everyday, occasionally comment as j0nz or drunkenblogger, and sometimes under a random spoof name!

    I'll get your blog added here  

  3. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    I really get upset that the word liberal has become some discouraging and negitive term, confused too how definitions are so eaisly altered or re-defined even up for individual translation?
    To me liberal means open to new ideas and change. and that stripped of every label, achievment, failure..ect we attach to each other and our selves - we are all the same.
    well, there is alot more to it than that.... but since I view every one equally. I now hate everyone equally too. so you see "liberals" aren't always tree hugging hippies with rose coloured glasses who strive to let the world continue in it's downward spirial into stupidity.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Well I wouldn't say you are a liberal, more of a libertarian. Many so called 'liberals' really are a disgrace to the word.

    I am looking forward to getting this  

  5. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    not really ... if I had to pick an "arian" label it would be more on a utilitatarian side...

    the greater good  

  6. # Blogger Wolfie

    However, I have to ask, why we don't see gang warfare from other 'disadvantaged' minorities such as Indians, Chinese and Jews?

    - there are disadvantaged Jews???  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    Well apparently it's not an oxymoron


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