"Boys held after school shooting"

What a fucking dramatic headline

Seventeen primary school children have been shot with plastic pellets at a school in Staffordshire.

Police said 15 boys and two girls were hurt when a BB gun was fired at them in the playground at Etching Hill Primary School in Rugeley.

Two 12-year-old boys were later held on suspicion of assault. Three boys from a different school were thought to have fired on the pupils from nearby bushes.

The youngsters suffered bruising but did not need hospital treatment.

The injured children are aged between seven and 11.

'Parents relieved'

Head teacher Jenny Dodd said: "We're just hugely relieved that nobody had any serious injuries.

"As soon as we were alerted we contacted the police and we're doing all that we can to help them with their inquiries.

"They were minor injuries, basically bruising.

For fucksake. Pathetic.

And in other news, genocide continues in Darfur....

6 Responses to “"Boys held after school shooting"”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    fucking pathetic? are you that big of an asshole. bb guns even plastic are shot with a certain amount of force. kids are being killed at schools everyday. but you think its pathetic.does it start with bb guns i dont know .does it end with high powered weapons YES.punishing children is no longer aloud. bullshit this should be stopped before it starts.  

  2. # Blogger Tu s. Tin

    wow! what a dramatic comment anon.
    get a grip!
    They were 12, kids do stupid things and don't really know why even.
    They should be punished indeed, but what do you suggest... prison?
    I had a bb gun growing up, usually we aimed at cans and stuff, even though I had been told and taught saftey... I still decided to shot my friends brother one day - as a joke??? why??
    don't know?
    and I promise I never grew into high power weapons ... but I did learn - hey that was dumb to do.
    same lesson most kids learn.  

  3. # Blogger Malcolm

    Hordes of drug-crazed 12 year-olds are patrolling the streets of Cannock armed with high-powered sniper rifles !

    Oh, hold on, its just a couple of stupid kids with a toy gun that fire plastic pellets. Well, thats worth a BBC headline. Watched the local BBC Midlands Today 'news' show last night, they had a breathless and worried-looking reporter live at the scene to be able to tell us what was happening at the crime scene. Nothing. It was dark and cold. ITV news didn't mention it.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks Malcolm. Good comment as ever!

    LOL @ the breathless and worried-looking BBC reporter at the 'crime scene'.

    Tu s Tin, I agree completely.  

  5. # Anonymous stuart

    F''ing pathetic is putting it mildly!

    No-one was "shot" but some kids in a schoolyard got 'pinged' with plastic pellets by other kids.

    In organised team events (airsoft, which is similar to paintball gaming) youngsters and adults actually pay to do this!

    Only in sad, gun shy Britain would this non-incident result in screaming headlines on state TV and the full might of Mr. Plod descending on the area, no doubt bristling with MP5's and in full tactical gear.

    It's got to be easier than chasing real criminals and drug barons after all, and a nice, safe way to improve the force clear-up record for the Home Office figures. The Chief Constable must be getting a hard on at the thought of arresting a couple of schoolboys and confiscating their 'arsenal of deadly weapons' which will make him look macho at the press conference. Wankers, the lot of them.  

  6. # Blogger jonz

    Spot on stuart  

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