28% of UK Parliament Unfit to Rule the Country

Whilst 409 MP's voted for the Trident nuclear submarines, (despite the BBC's anti-nuclear wankfest), a whopping 161 are against Britain being able to defend itself. What on earth are they doing in fucking Westminster?

More on the BBC's anti-nuclear wankfest

The screenshot on the left is a choice representation of the BBC's have your say forum. Good pic, BBC editorial staff. Except, the forum overwhelmingly supports the Trident nuclear replacements

An 'analysis' by the BBC's Nick Assinder is headlined "Is this end of Trident debate?".

Tony Blair may have survived a sizeable backbench revolt and won the day over replacement of the Trident nuclear deterrent, but few believe this will be the end of the matter.

Really? Nearly 3/4 voted for replacement. I shouldn't think they'll be expecting another vote on it, dip shit.

There's more of this (subtle?) anti-nuclear debate on the BBC website, with articles on the left-wing communist CND (who's members ironically are against preventing Iran from developing nuclear technology) - who perhaps once stood for something principled but now are nothing but pathetic old timer communists against the West having nuclear weapons.

2 Responses to “28% of UK Parliament Unfit to Rule the Country”

  1. # Blogger James

    Spot on.

    Except the CND always were a Comintern front (now they appear to be shilling for Iran) who didn't really care whether the other side had nukes.

    Some of their followers may have had good intentions, but the leadership strike me as cynical opportunists for the other side, whoever the other side may be.  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks James. They're hypocrites, to be sure, to be sure.  

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