Islam is a liberator of women

I identify as both a Muslim and a feminist and I don’t see this as in any way contradictory.

As a Muslim, I have very little criticism to make of the Qu’ran in terms of its treatment of women. As a doctrinal text, it did indeed widen women’s options, and enshrined rights that women did not previously have. It is, I think, entirely accurate to say that the Qu’ran was an advocate for women’s liberation.

Both feminism and Islam have a healthy preoccupation with women’s rights.

That's right folks. You've got it all wrong. Read the rest here

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  1. # Anonymous alison

    'Ni Putes Ni Soumises' have a stronger structured and direct approach. Urgent feminism - rather than a literary approach. The socio political impact of patriachy in Islam has had too damaging an effect. Many illiterate women need action now not words. I like the way Ni Putes address this. They speak of involving men in their movement - but its far more urgent and direct and CLEAR, not waffle. They also have made strides to dispel the myth of islamophobia as a cover, the dependency on racial victimhood and cultural relativism. If this came about in a more proactive way from some of the UKs muslim activist/'feminists' then this sort of article would be easier to swallow. I can quite easily assert Jesus was a feminist and chose a woman Mary Magdalene as his closest confidant in a time when that was simply not on - not to mention the resurrection and her role in announcing does not detract from the fact that catholicism denies women basic rights.

    Check them out, excellent movement (some english in there somewhere in a guardian article, i think i linked to it at A Tangled Web)  

  2. # Anonymous alison

    This is easier to read:

    The movement fights against violence targeting women and it focuses on these areas:

    Pressure to wear the Hijab
    Pressure to drop out of school
    Pressure to marry early without being able to choose the husband.

    A particular matter of concern is the treatment of Muslim women, who are pressured into wearing veils, leaving school, and getting married early. Nevertheless, the movement represents women of all faiths and ethnic origins, all of whom may find themselves trapped by poverty and the ghettoisation of the cités.

    "No more justifications of our oppression in the name of the right to be different and of respect toward those who force us to bow our heads"

    They seem to have good givernment support and recognition. Its founding member died of stomach cancer in 2004. Her portrait was hung outside the Assemblee Nationale in Paris and she was recognised as a Marianne (female symbol of the Revolution). A school was also named after her.

    Link them link them!

    They promote secularism btw. its President is a practising muslim.  

  3. # Anonymous religion of pieces

    A bit OT but this outrageous persecution of a young Cambridge student for exercising freedom of speech is not being covered in the MSM  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Thanks for all the info & links Alison.

    RoP that news is exasperating. When will people stand up for freedom of speech?  

  5. # Anonymous Derius

    There are some muslims (mostly women) who do advocate women's rights. However, Islam itself does not.

    The only way this can change is if the literalism within Islam is removed, and the texts are taken in a metaphorical way instead. However, there is little evidence that this is occuring, with the exception of a few fringe groups within the Islamic community, one group being whom Alison mentions above.

    By pretending that there is nothing wrong with the treatment of women in Islam will lead precicely nowhere. It also sweeps the rug from under the feet of the genuine reformers, who realise that a literal reading of the Qur'an does indeed lead to women's rights abuses, and are working to limit this. Zohra is in fact betraying the women in Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and many other places by being dishonest about where the source of such treatment comes from.

    It's in the Qur'an, it's in the Hadith, it's in the Tafsir. If Zohra thinks she can win against all of the Imams in the world on a literal reading on those texts, then she should try.

    And she will lose.  

  6. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    Thank you for that link which eventually took me to the Cambridge Evening news.
    I saw a brief mention in The Scotsman, which I posted here and was also mentioned here and I had been looking for more information.
    I will be able to provide such now.  

  7. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    I have a piece up on the NER now here.  

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