Freedom to tell the truth under attack

A supply teacher has been sacked for saying most suicide bombers are Muslim.

Oh for fucksake. This is the problem that will not go away and will continue to rot and fester whilst the media and the authorities coddle up to Muslim "sensitivities". I hope he successfully sues for unfair dismissal.

Try Google news and tell me how many suicide attacks are by non-Muslims. Good luck with that.

6 Responses to “Freedom to tell the truth under attack”

  1. # Anonymous religion of pieces

    The twin pillars of Islam in the West are ideological and social. Both need to be removed if Islam is to be eradicated as a major threat to our lives and well being.

    A Muslim is one who believes that the Koran is the literal word of God, valid for all time. He also believes that Mohammed is 'al-insan al-kamil', the perfect man. Any attempt to find errors in the Koran, or question the character of Mohammed, will cause a frenzy of fanatical rage.

    Mohammed is the one and only foundation of Islam. To question the integrity of his character is to open up the possibility that the whole system is a scam.

    These two tribal totems – the Holy Book and the Prophet – are surrounded by appropriate tribal taboos and must be treated with superstitious awed reverence, as demonstrated by the outrage caused by the Koran in the toilet and the Danish Motoons.

    Of course, by any reasonable standards the Koran is a pile of crap and rightly belongs down the toilet. It consists of mangled and misunderstood Judeo-Christian doctrines mixed with Mohamed’s projection of his own vicious, tyrannical ego onto a Supreme Being (or rather a Supreme Bogeyman), plus copious quantities of venomous and vitriolic ranting for those who refuse to believe this tripe. The Koran is also full of factual errors and contradictions

    Similarly for the other totem. Mohammed is a repulsive scumbag, who if brought to justice in a modern country would be serving multiple life-sentences for a variety of crimes including murder, mutilation, torture and child-rape.

    To attack the ideology we must continue to attack the two totems, by use of rational and ethical arguments and plain ridicule – which is highly effective as the Motoons have shown.

    No one likes to realise they have been scammed or brainwashed into believing a load of B/S. Nevertheless, totally irrational and ridiculous ideologies may be widely believed, propagated and protected, if they serve the purpose of some ruling clique or power structure. Remember how the Stalinist and Nazi thugs established their power bases on the two irrational foundations of Marxist economics and German racial supremacy.

    Truth and satire are not sufficient to destroy irrational belief systems where power is at stake.

    Islam lives in a mutually-reinforcing symbiosis with a theocratic social-political power structure based on dominance and submission. The power structure is three-fold:

    (a) At the top of the pile are the vicious manipulative Ulema – the power-obsessed Muslim clergy. They are the custodians of Sharia law and are judge, jury and executioner in Islamic countries. Such is the dominance, power and prestige of the Ulema that they can get anything they want. When Ayatollah Khomeini asked one of his congregation to lend him his four year old daughter for a pedophilic one-night-stand, the father happily agreed.

    (b) Next is the ordinary Muslim man. Adult Muslim males are guaranteed absolute unfettered dominance over their women and children, who may be killed with impunity for bringing dishonor on their spouse or parents.

    (c) At the bottom of the heap are the subjugated kaffirs – the infidels. Infidels living within Dar al-Islam are second-class citizens subject to severe discrimination and extortion, and are liable to be killed or enslaved if they fail to pay Jizya (protection money). Kaffirs living in Dar al-Harb are legitimate targets for robbery, rape, fraud etc by the Ummafia.

    To eradicate Islam, this theocratic social-political power structure will also need to be abolished. The following steps must be taken if we are to survive…

    (1) An immediate end to all Muslim immigration coupled with deportation of illegals.

    (2) Reverse the PC policies which have made our country so attractive to Muslims. We have bent over backwards to appease their ever increasing demands, and what thanks do we get? Bombs on trains and soldiers beheaded. Make this country VERY unattractive to Muslims. (Sprinkle pig’s blood on all seats in planes, buses and trains?)

    (3) Bug all mosques and madrassahs. When enough evidence has been collected nationwide, carry out a purge and jail and deport the murderous Ulema for sedition and incitement to violence. This will get rid of the vast majority of these vermin.

    (4) Ban cousin marriage. Not only will this seriously disrupt Muslim breeding habits and so reduce their rate of growth (55% of Muslims marry their first cousins), but preventing inbreeding will also increase the intelligence and decrease the incidence of mental illness in the next generation, which has got to be bad news for the perpetuation of Islam.

    (5) Make drama lessons compulsory in primary schools. Muslim pressure groups know the value of role-playing and are constantly trying to introduce da’wa into kaffir schools in the form of ‘let’s pretend we’re Muslims for a week’ etc. But this tactic can be used in reverse. Drama lessons using proper materials could increase the confidence and assertiveness of Muslim girls.

    (6) Provide sanctuaries for women, girls and apostates attempting to escape from Islam.

    (7) Introduce heavy and very obtrusive zero-tolerance policing in Muslim areas and searches of all Muslims at airports.

    (8) No more appeasement of Islam in any form. Remember the dominance/submission psychology of Muslims. Like a dog, a Muslim needs to know who’s boss. They need to feel themselves to be subdued, otherwise they attempt to become dominant themselves.

    (9) Strict controls on citizenship and the right to vote. Some sort of loyalty test (maybe national service) to be made compulsory before being allowed to vote.

    (10) Anyone going around with their face covered in a public place must be arrested.

    More on Muslim psychology at  

  2. # Blogger Rebel Radius

    Anyone know of a suicide bomber who isn't Muslim??

    If a teacher cannot speak the truth then education becomes a fallacy.

    You are a history teacher and you have German and Jewish children in your class. How do you teach WWII?

    If you mention millions slain in the concentration camps, would the Germans complain and insist you get sacked?

    Would you actually get sacked?

    And if you don't teach it, then the Jewish children would get upset and they would want you to be sacked!

    A classic catch 22 situation, but then we can not discuss Joseph Helier's book "Catch Twenty Two" because that discusses the Germans.

    To make it even worse, if we were teaching this in many European countries where Holocaust denial is a criminal offence, by not teaching it, we are denying it and that will get us sacked.

    Can we not face reality that the truth is sometimes not pleasant?

    The truth is the truth, it doesn't matter if it is pretty or horrible, it is the truth!

    Should it be illegal to say anything that is not the truth, then that would throw away any rights to fiction?

    There needs to be a very firm line established in eduction between truth and fallacy, science and religion.  

  3. # Anonymous Mark

    Yup, there are loads of non-Muslim suicide bombers if you start looking - try the Tamil conflict in Sri Lanka for a start.  

  4. # Blogger james higham

    How the hell can you incarcerate someone for quoting statistics? And Mark - the Tamils are one small portion.  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    Mark .. "loads". Yes I am aware of the Tamil Tigers. And where else?

    Historically suicide attacks was not the forté of Muslim fundamentalists, we of course had the Japanese Kamikazee pilots in WWII.

    In recent years suicide bomber has become almost synonymous with muslim suicide bomber.

    And I'll tell you something, that's not the medias fault. It's because the vast majority of suicide attacks in the past few years have been by Muslims. It's a fact. A fact that, it appears, large swathes of Muslims in this country are in denial about.  

  6. # Blogger Granny Weatherwax

    The teacher denies that he even said that. He reprimanded some of the children who were misbehaving and he believes that is why they complained about him.
    He was not given the chance, as he should have been, to respond to the allegations. As the BBC reporter said, and he was sympathetic to Mr McLuskey and not to the deputy headmaster, 12 year olds should not dictate employment policy.  

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