Activist held under Terrorism Act

What the fuck is this? Activist? What, they are locking up political activists now? Fucking Police State! Fascist or what???

Except of course this not an activist but Abu Izzadeen, who described the 7th July slaughter of 52 inncents as "completely praisworthy".

Guess where the only news source that describes terrorist supporter Abu Izzadeen as an activist?

Update: This "muslim activist" called for the beheading of kuffar

2 Responses to “Activist held under Terrorism Act”

  1. # Blogger Jeremy Jacobs

    We're better off ignoring dubious types like the Abu Izzidin, or Nigel Smith or whatever his name is  

  2. # Blogger Malcolm

    The Religion of Peace must be pretty desparate, the only converts it gets in this country are Jamaican criminals and addle-headed women journalists ! I wonder how decent Muslims feel when these misfits appear in the media as figureheads for their religion ?  

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