Islamic Terrorist Squirrel Attacks Continue

Noah Bawdy reports the Islamic terrorist squirrel attacks continue in Lynchburg

A rather concerning tactic he points out is the ones who pretend to be peaceful Muslim squirrels before attacking...

Peaceful Muslim squirrel

Click to enlarge the pictures of the new Lockheed Martin F-16I Sufas

Three Arab states in the Persian Gulf would be willing to allow the Israel Air force to enter their airspace in order to reach Iran in case of an attack on its nuclear facilities, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa reported on Sunday.

According to the report, a diplomat from one of the gulf states visiting Washington on Saturday said the three states, Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, have told the United States that they would not object to Israel using their airspace, despite their fear of an Iranian response.


Le Pen: Spoken like a true Nazi

Le Pen enjoying himself with genocidal dictator Saddam Hussein

Le Pen has referred to 9/11 as a mere "incident", and has compared 9/11 with Dresden.

British Second World War veterans reacted with anger towards Mr Le Pen's comments about the RAF. "They are inappropriate and wrong," said retired squadron leader Bam Bamberger, a Battle of Britain veteran. "Our sole objective during the Second World War was to defeat the Germans who had tried to invade Britain."

Arthur Titherington, who spent much of the war in a Japanese prisoner of war camp after surviving a Luftwaffe bombing raid on Birmingham, said: "The Germans bombed the hell out of us.
"Our servicemen were not politically motivated. We were fighting for our country. There is no comparison between terrorists and the RAF."

Le Pen was also convicted of Holocaust Denial in 1987. He's strongly anti-American, and clearly has issues with Jews. Le Pen and Islamists have much in common. See France's Le Pen To Strike a Deal With Muslims;

The National Front is surprisingly popular among Muslim immigrants or second-generation Muslim citizens. For all its campaigning about immigration, Mr. Le Pen's party has always extended support to Arab and Islamic causes abroad, from Saddam's Iraq to Arafat's or Hamas Palestine, and from Al Qaeda to Iran. And it is as firmly anti-American and anti-Jewish as the Muslim community itself tends to be.

What a twat. Let's hope the French see sense and vote for Nicholas Sarkozy.

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Church screens Life of Brian film

The controversial Monty Python film Life of Brian is being screened in a church on Tyneside.

Some condemned the 1979 film as blasphemous, because of its story of a Jewish man who is worshipped as the Messiah and then crucified.

Now the Anglican St Thomas the Martyr church in Newcastle is due to screen the film on Friday as part of a project with the independent Tyneside Cinema.

The Reverend Jonathan Adams said he had the backing of his congregation.

When first released, some religious groups picketed cinemas which screened the film, claiming it poked fun at the story of Christ.

Rev Adams said: "Jesus of Nazareth is not some sort of hot house plant that we need to protect from criticism and scrutiny.

"Actually I don't think the film does that. But it does poke fun at some of the stupidity and hypocrisies of people who profess religious faith.

"The Church is really in trouble if it does not pay attention to that sort of questioning."

From the BBC

I wonder how long it will be before some Mosque hosts some of the cartoons that mock the hypocrisy of some people who profess religious faith?

Australia to invade US if Obama elected

Australia's conservative prime minister today vowed to launch an amphibious assault against the United States if Democrat Barack Obama wins the American presidency in 2008. "We will not simply stand by if America falls into the hands of a terror-loving and exceedingly non-white leftist," John Howard said in an interview with DeadBrain's southern hemisphere correspondent.

"Do you realize that the difference between Osama and Obama is just one letter?" Howard thundered during the interview. "If this man is elected, the terrorists will be just one consonant away from world domination!" Howard roared, spattering your correspondent with flecks of foam.


Shilpa Shetty named Nato Commander in Afghanistan

In a dramatic bid to shore up flagging public support for its foundering military mission in Afghanistan, Nato yesterday named Shilpa Shetty as the new commander of its forces there. The Bollywood star and Big Brother winner admitted that her military experience is limited to a "short but intense relationship" with an Indian army colonel when she was 20. However, Shetty resolved to bring a "fresh look to the problems of Afghanistan, by applying the lessons of Big Brother to the real world."


And listen to this Angry Girlfriend has Trouble Storming out of Rotating Restaurant

Man Attacks Shark

A South Australian man attacked a shark with his bare hands after drinking copious amounts of vodka and deciding to turn the tables on one of nature's deadliest predators.

Kerkhof became annoyed when the shark began chasing his squid lures and said he climbed down a ladder into the water and silently stalked the 1.3 metre predator.

"I just snuck up behind him and eventually I went for the big grab and I fluked it and got him," he said.

"He's just thrashing around in the water but then he was starting to turn around and try to bite me and I thought 'well, it's amazing what vodka does'."

From here

The Guardian gives a platform to Hamas

Khaled Meshaal chief of terrorist organisation Hamas


I was going to write my own words on this, but it started off with the headliner "Spineless Pricks" and degenerated from there.... So here's bits and pieces from around the net

From the Guardian Patricia Fara said

senior college officials were locked in urgent talks about how the material came to be published and what action to take against the student.

In a statement issued by Clare College, a senior tutor, Patricia Fara, said: "Clare is an open and inclusive college. A student-produced satirical publication has caused widespread distress throughout the Clare community.

"The college finds the publication and the views expressed abhorrent. Reflecting the gravity of the situation, the college immediately began an investigation and disciplinary procedures are in train."

Stupid fucking cow. What views were they? Let's go to the press release from the National Secular Society

“Satire aimed at religion is no different to satire aimed at any other ideas and should not be punished or restrained. The freedom to poke fun at those who take themselves too seriously is a time-honoured tradition in this country. Regrettably, it is rapidly being eroded by cases like this. We urge you to think again and stand four-square behind the satirists, instead of disciplining them.

We would like to remind all concerned that satirising religion – even if that religion is Islam – is not racism, as this episode has been dubbed. Religion and race have very different characteristics. We would have heartily joined the condemnation if the satire had been racially motivated, but according to the reports we have read, the issue of Clareification in question was devoted to religious satire.

“We would like to draw your attention to a case that is pending in France at the moment, in which a satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, has been brought to court by an Islamic organisation for re-publishing the Danish cartoons that are at the centre of so much controversy. In the French case, academics, artists and politicians of all hues have rushed to the defence of the magazine. Letters of support and statements defending free speech have been issued by some of the most influential people in the country – including Mr Sarkozy, who is potentially the next President of France.

“Your own reaction – as reported – does not bear comparison with the principled French reactions. It sides with the oppressors and censors who are doing so much to retard open debate in academe and elsewhere.

“We call on you to support the publishers of the magazine and to tell the would-be censors that their protests have been heard but that they will not prevail. Without the freedom to debate, discuss and, yes, mock, ideas and ideologies, there can be no informed political discourse. Satire is an indispensable tool in the operating of a truly free society.”
Hear, hear.

From the Independent

In a rare move, Clare College fellows have called a Court of Discipline, which will sit in judgment on the student. An insider at the college said: "It's the first time in living memory a Court of Discipline has been set up."

The college chaplain has also been involved in talks aimed at trying to ease racial tension and is known to have met members of the Islamic Society and a local imam to discuss how best to quell fears over potential racial clashes.

Major cultural cringe. Euch. I have an inkling the local Imam and the Islamic society would be opposed to satirising Mohammed. Just a an inkling. Mohammed, according to "authentic" sources did say on the subject of free-thought.

Our values aren't all the same. Values such as equality, freedom of expression trump totalitarian quasi-facist ideals, for fucksake.

Thanks to Religion of Pieces and Steve at Pub Philosopher, who has several excellent posts up.

Also Granny Wetherwax at New English Review and Brownie at Harrys Place in the comments sums up the outrage quite succcintly when addressing another commentor

I'll tell you what's "offensive". What's "offensive" is that some 19-year old student has had to be whisked off to a secret location because there are now very real concerns for his safety, and all because he printed a cartoon some other people find "offensive".

If you want to get angry about something, fucking get angry about that.


Islam is a liberator of women

I identify as both a Muslim and a feminist and I don’t see this as in any way contradictory.

As a Muslim, I have very little criticism to make of the Qu’ran in terms of its treatment of women. As a doctrinal text, it did indeed widen women’s options, and enshrined rights that women did not previously have. It is, I think, entirely accurate to say that the Qu’ran was an advocate for women’s liberation.

Both feminism and Islam have a healthy preoccupation with women’s rights.

That's right folks. You've got it all wrong. Read the rest here

Activist held under Terrorism Act

What the fuck is this? Activist? What, they are locking up political activists now? Fucking Police State! Fascist or what???

Except of course this not an activist but Abu Izzadeen, who described the 7th July slaughter of 52 inncents as "completely praisworthy".

Guess where the only news source that describes terrorist supporter Abu Izzadeen as an activist?

Update: This "muslim activist" called for the beheading of kuffar

David Cameron has a backbone?!

BBC Bias no. 23412

Republicans block Iraq war debate! is the headline at the BBC.

Clicking on the article goes on to explain:

A resolution opposing President George W Bush's decision to send extra troops to Iraq has failed to advance in the US Senate, dealing a blow to war critics.

Oh. So they didn't block a debate on the Iraq war, they voted to send more troops then?

Women & Islam

Mary Jackson has an excellent post up about women & Islam. I don't have to time elaborate, but if you do have a spare few minutes then check it out

Dozy bints - Western handmaids of Allah

Freedom to tell the truth under attack

A supply teacher has been sacked for saying most suicide bombers are Muslim.

Oh for fucksake. This is the problem that will not go away and will continue to rot and fester whilst the media and the authorities coddle up to Muslim "sensitivities". I hope he successfully sues for unfair dismissal.

Try Google news and tell me how many suicide attacks are by non-Muslims. Good luck with that.

Allah Akbar

100+ people are dead. Allah akbar and all that.

Physchotic fucking fucks.

These killers need to be anhilated by the Iraqi forces. The Iraqi people are used to being ruled with an iron fist. Let's give them the democractic version of the iron fist. I think the Iraqi authorities needs to be utterly ruthless in their persual of these terrorists. And they need to educate the Iraqi public via the media regarding the United Nations Charter of Human Rights. They need to understand that sectarian support perpetuates death. All terrorists, even their "own" need to be wiped out.

Strike terror into the heart of the terrorists and instill national pride.

Mainstream Media Notices Something

The ghoulish character in the cartoon is a Jew being run out of town

That children are being indoctrinated to hate at schools in Iran. Only in Iran?! - you may ask yourself. Of course this is common knowledge amongst us 'ere bloggers like, but kudos to The Sun for printing it. Let's up there's more exposés like this to come.

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