This is what's wrong with Palestinian society

Kids, they blow up so fast...

The family of the Palestinian sucide bomber, who bravely blew up three inncoent civilians in a bakery in Israel, are proud of their son for killing civilians.

"The whole family was very happy when it heard that Muhammad is the hero who carried out the attack," said Naim Saqsaq, the brother of Muhammad Saqsaq, who carried out the suicide attack in Eilat that killed three people.

What a guy. So brave... Daring.

3 Responses to “This is what's wrong with Palestinian society”

  1. # Anonymous Derius

    Last year, for no logical reason, Europe and America gave over half a billion dollars in aid to the "Palestinian people", who are continuing to wage their Jihad against Israel with our donations.

    We should stop paying this barely disguised Jizya Tax immediately. Let's see how how happy the Saqsaq family will be then.  

  2. # Blogger Jeremy Jacobs

    There is no such thing as Palestinian society.

    (There's a YouTube video of the explosion)  

  3. # Blogger Jeremy Jacobs

    BTW, It's homicide bomber, not suicide bomber.

    I wonder if the trash at MCB has to say anything on this matter.  

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