No whites please, this is Croydon

Two of our more enlightened councils, Wolverhampton and Croydon, are showing the way forward. They have instituted Asian-only swimming nights, where people from the sub-continent who feel uncomfortable swimming within the gaze of their white fellow citizens, can happily retreat into their own pristine, watery, laager. No whites allowed within spitting distance; not even white pool staff.

It's Ok to be racist. As long as you're not white, that is. As Rod Liddle explains;

Imagine that our municipal swimming pools had evenings set aside for white people only. There are some members of the white community who — unaccountably perhaps — feel uncomfortable sharing the same stretch of water as Asian people, despite the purifying effects of the chlorine. Partly it is a question of raw proximity, the fear that one might pick up a particularly virulent verruca, say. Or simply be forced to look at them, doing their strange Asian breaststroke, up and down the pool. Or worse in such damp and intimate surroundings, having them look at you, peering lasciviously from behind a pair of aqua goggles.

Of course this proposal would not be put forward in a racist manner, heaven forefend. In a way, it’s anti-racist. It’s a case of ensuring that every British community, no matter how insular and distraught, should have access to public facilities, without having to worry too much about members of the public who don’t look like them. Or you can think of it as a health and safety issue: there are white people who simply cannot bear to be alongside Asian people — and whether you like it or not, they need to learn to swim too. It is no use suggesting to them that their revulsion at being forced to mix with “foreigners” might be misplaced. So for one evening each week, get the Asians out of the pool. And the blacks too, for that matter. And the disabled. Better safe than sorry.

This is exactly the kind of racism we need if the BNP are to increase their power. Fucking twats. What kind of twisted multi-culti mindset excludes people based on the fact of skin colour?

This kind of thing will be on the increase the more "ethnic minorities" are given elevated status and treated with kid gloves when they're naughty.

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  1. # Anonymous Derius

    It looks like the councils at Wolverhampton and Croydon think that the best way to achieve integration is through segregation.

    I wonder why nobody has tried implementing this before? Is it perhaps because it's complete bollocks?  

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