Truth Aversion Works Best

“Most modern branches of Islam, however, stress the inner, spiritual jihad.”

Source: Microsoft Encarta Encylopedia 2007

No empirical or any evidence at all cited for this statement. No statistics? No survey of Islamic scholars? Why not?

This statement could be in itself extremely critical to world affairs. If this were true, then why isn’t Microsoft Encyclopaedia quoted to the Muslim community the world over? Tis obviously an authoritative source.

Are we to assume a fundamentalist of Sunni, or, Shia, Islam, empirically equivocates jihad with inner spiritual struggle?

I cant help but think, what a load of bollocks. If I were fundamentalist Sunni or Shia, I would reply, actually the greater jihad is to defend Islam. However, I cannot as I [insert worldly excuse here]

There's certainly room for debate. However, this stressing for spiritual jihad -- where is it? Here's a a great text on Jihad by Young Muslims, a Canadian Muslim group with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

It seems the most prominent information on Jihad from Islamic sources on the internet is not spiritual in nature - but armed warfare.

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I hate religion  

  2. # Anonymous Derius

    "Most modern forms of Islam, however, stress the inner spiritual Jihad"

    The above comment, is of course, complete nonsense. The giveaway, the complete contradiction, is the term "modern forms of Islam". What exactly is this supposed to refer to? Are we to believe that there is now a "modern" Qur'an, which has replaced the original? Have Islamic Jurists written new and modern Hadith (the sayings and doings of the prophet Muhammed), that have now relaced the originals, on which 1300 years of Islamic Jurisprudence has been based on? Has the Sharia changed because of these new "modern" forms of Islam? Of course not.

    Islam has remained more or less the same for the last 1000 years. Any debate about which hadith were authentic, and which were inauthentic had all been settled around 1000 AD, when the gates of Itjihad swung shut. There is no "modern" movement which is seriously challenging any traditional Islamic teachings.

    Ninety nine percent of Muslims belong either to the four Sunni Schools (madhabs) of Islam (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, Hanbali), or are Shi'a. None of these five schools are modern, or have changed in recent times, and all have been in existance for about 1300 years, shortly after Muhammed's death. None of them therefore can be described as "modern", so one wonders what exactly are these "modern" forms of Islam, which no more than one percent can possibly be following in any event.

    Jihad means struggle in Arabic. It is not, as many apologists would have us believe, only limited to spiritual matters. Jihad is also used to desribe the struggle to bring the world under Islamic Law, as the Qur'an ordains in two separate places. If this was not the case, then why does the Umdat-al Salik, the complete manual on Sunni Jurisprudence, as ordained by the Al Ahzar University in Cairo, the most authoritive voice in Sunni Islam, devote only one paragraph to Jihad as a spiritual struggle, and then go on to devote seven pages on Jihad as warfare against unbelievers? And where exactly are these "modern" Islamic teachings written, which refute such arguments? Nowhere.

    Write to Microsoft, asking them to justify their definition. And if they cannot do so, then ask them to remove it.  

  3. # Blogger jonz


    I bow down to your extensive knowledge on the Qu'ran. Inshallah!

    You are absolutely right , the clue is in the beggining "modern forms of Islam" - nonsensical.

    Jihad means struggle in Arabic.

    Indeed. And Mein Kampf means My Stuggle in German!  

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