"Religious beliefs" trump preventing spread of lethal MRSA bug

MRSA is a superbug, largely contracted in hospitals which kills hundreds a year in the UK alone

However some Muslims, many Bangladeshi immigrants, are refusing "on religious grounds" as the gel contains alcohol.

A cursory look into the subject:

There is no objection, from the point of view of Shariah, in using alcohol as antiseptic or disinfectant of I wounds or surgical instruments.

Statement by Islamic scholars on the "The use of unlawful or juridically unclean substances in Food and Medicine"

When "religious beliefs" affect others in such a way as to effect their health, these superstitious beliefs should have no sway. I wish people would grow balls and challenge ethnic minorities, well, specifically Muslims, especially when the stakes are so high. They wasn't asked to even swap for soap and water - just allowed a free pass.

Update: Shot soldier contracts MRSA bug

A British soldier who was shot in Afghanistan contracted MRSA while he recovered at a Birmingham hospital.

It can be passed on by doctors and nurses if they do not wash their hands between seeing different patients. Dirty conditions in hospitals are also seen as an environment in which MRSA can thrive.

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