Rampant Islamohobia in Britain

Jews are 4 times more likely to be attacked than Muslims in Britain. Yes thats right, sinster silver-tongued fascists bastards like Muhammed Abdul Bari, the head of the Muslim Council of Britain have been lying to us. No surprise for bloggers here.

Abdul Bari compares the British government to the government of Nazi germany, with respect to it's treatment to Muslim communities.

Yet after self-proclaimed Muslims slaughtered 52 innocent people in the capital of the UK - JEWS are 4 times more likely to be attacked than Muslims.

And where are these anti-Jewish attacks most prevalent? In the most Muslim areas of the country. Again no surprise here for the bloggers.

Words fail. If you want a trip into a fantasy land (a rather twisted one at that, read all of Mr Bari's insane and threatening diatribe linked to above).

This man claims to represent British Muslims. What an utter, utter fucking blinded hypocrite. In short, what a lying cunt.

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  1. # Anonymous alison

    The man is an idiot jonz. and the telegraph has done a neat job in highlighting this.

    'A senior Muslim invoked Hitler's 1930s Nazi regime while attacking the Government over its treatment of British Muslims...'

    Fascinating use of language 'invoked HItlers nazi regime'. From an organisation that refuses to attend the UKs Holocaust Memorials and is still divided over whether or not to go next year. The fact that the government might withdraw its finance if it doesnt meant they had to pay lip service to it recently.

    What will they make up next?  

  2. # Anonymous Cade

    Hey there

    I made a feed for your most excellent blog for Livejournal but the pictures keep coming up as 403 Forbidden.

    Is there a way around thbis?


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    have you tried contacting his office with your figures? actions speaking louder than woreds and all that.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Alison, indeed. What bollocks.


    I am not so familiar with LiveJournal yet! No idea why you would get a 403! Email me at drunkenblogging@gmail.com


    Mr Bari, I suspect, is already aware of the facts, so either he

    1. Is conciously mispresenting the truth
    2. In denial. Sounds like a jewish conspiracy to me.. To get sympathy for the state of Israel.. etc

    There's no reasoning with the delusional.  

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