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Two of my all time favourite blogs, immeasurably good reads, and compulsively so are Harry's Place and Drink Soaked Trotskyite Popinjays For War. They are both "centre-left" blogs, with a penchant for for Galloway arse kicking, and a good sense of Moonbat radar. They are "pro-Iraq-war" blogs, they stand up for little things like freedom, democracy & rule of law.

The contributors are intelligent yet down to earth beings, the kind you'd happily sit have a pint with. They see and spell out the hypocrisy of champagne socialism that prevails in the Guardianista circles.

These two blogs are a bit like brother and sister, with much overlap between the two. I think DSTFW was pretty much borne out of Harrys Place idealism. However, I noticed last night they have de-linked each other. Scandalous!

Not that anyone follows these two blogs quite as closely as I do, but it's not the first time they have fallen out. When Harrys Place took on new contributors there were wars of words between the two. I would love to know what kicked off this time. Mostly because I'm a really nosy bugger.

Update: Eric made a beer induced post on this here

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  1. # Anonymous Steve

    Jeez. If I de-linked everyone I've fallen out with, I'd have hardly any blogroll left.

    BTW - Isn't it time for another Religious Anger Meter?  

  2. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    Yes, Harry's Place is very good. I haven't been there as much lately, what with having my own blog and real life stuff, but I always liked it there, even before they started (mostly) to get the idea about Islam.

    Drink Soaked Trots is very good too for a lot of the same reasons. I haven't been there for a while, but I might take a look and see if I can pick up any clues.

    Perhaps Harry had a four-in-a-bed thing with SIAW (who is three people) and it all got a bit much.  

  3. # Anonymous Steve

    DSTFW seem to have re-linked to Harry's Place and, needing someone to blame, they've de-linked Pub Philosopher instead.

    Apparently, this is because I link to the BNP. I also link to Sinn Fein but they don't seem worried about that.  

  4. # Blogger jonz

    Interesting. Harrys place haven't returned their linkageness as of yet...

    They've delinked you? So much for freedom of speech. They are a political party with councillors in office. Not only that but you label them The Upstarts.

    If they took the time to read your blog they would understand that you do not support the BNP at all. Only their freedom of speech.

    Old peculier

    Perhaps Harry had a four-in-a-bed thing with SIAW (who is three people) and it all got a bit much.

    LOL! .. Really SIAW is three people?  

  5. # Blogger jonz

    That really is quite amusing. They have a I am more left wing than thou squabbly, no doubt, and you are the casualty!  

  6. # Anonymous Steve

    Looks like they've knocked you off to Jonz - yours being a "Muslim hatefest site" an' all!  

  7. # Blogger jonz

    Steve I was never on their in the first place! Far too uncouth for that queen Will.

    "Muslim hatefest" = typical far left biggoted reaction against ordinary people concerned with Islam and the violent Muslims who seek to impose Islam on others.  

  8. # Anonymous Steve

    Will does take it all very seriously doesn't he?

    I've no idea why he gets so upset about those people from Harry's Place. He's thrown another fit today about Wardy's Pinochet post.

    We really shouldn't wind him up though - it's too easy.  

  9. # Anonymous Steve

    It just gets better Jonz.

    HAve you sen his latest?

    The twat's threatening to ban you now.  

  10. # Anonymous Old Peculier

    I got banned just for saying that I love Wardytron.  

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