Doh! No dough!

BBC News

Members of a Belgian lottery syndicate who thought they had won 27m euros were dealt a huge blow when they found their winning numbers had not been entered.

For weeks the group of 30 players had been using the same combination for the EuroMillions jackpot.

They were overjoyed when it matched the winning numbers in Friday's draw.

But the group of friends were crushed when it turned out the person charged with buying the ticket had allowed the machine to choose random numbers.

"We were all celebrating. Everyone was calling family and friends," says Mrs Farvacque.

In the morning Mrs Farvacque tracked down the person who had bought the ticket - the owner of a bookshop across the street - and found that she had failed to enter the correct combination.

Mrs Farvacque made clear her friendship with the bookshop owner would not survive the disappointment.

"Even in 20 years' time, my hair will stand up on end whenever I see her," she said.

You can only begin to imagine the frustration of all those in the syndicate! I wonder if a man would have made the same mistake?!

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    NOT GOOD !

    But that's why I joined this Online Lottery Syndicate called Bettawin.

    You get a card with YOUR numbers on.

    For the Euro and UK lottery.


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