The BBC is Bent

Two Palestinians shot in Gaza

Gaza's perimeter fence is heavily fortified and continually patrolled
Israeli forces have shot and injured two Palestinians in separate incidents on the Gaza perimeter fence, according to the Israeli military.

The shootings are the first cracks in a local ceasefire that has been in place since last week.

So Israel has shot two innocent Palestinians in a ceasefire? Thats outrageous. However..

The men appeared to be attempting to lay an explosive charge and were driven off with warning shots.

However, they returned with a crowd of several dozen people and made a second attempt to place the explosives, a military spokesman said.

Ahh I see.

However a cursory look at the news will show the "first cracks" were there from the beginning - and it wasn't Israel.

Palestinian rocket hits Israel on 11th day of truce

It brought to 17 the total number of rockets fired into Israel since the November 26 truce between the army and militants in Gaza took hold


Oh and remember the "over 1,000 Lebenese are dead, mostly civilans" meme from the BBC, The Indepedent etc?

Israel has named 532 Hizbollah fighters killed, and estimates over 800 were killed.

Only now does the BBC actually use known verifiable and balanced facts:

More than 1,000 people were killed on both sides, according to UN, Israeli and Lebanese officials.

Lebanon said most of those who died were civilians. Israel said 800 Hezbollah fighters were killed, although that figure cannot be confirmed.

So why did they chose the Lebanon representation as the true one? Could be because of bias? I don't remember hearing the same "mostly civilians" meme over at Sky news.

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  1. # Blogger DalaiDahmer

    this study discusses this very topic.
    there as also a corresponding book published about the bias on our televisions, and how it colours our understanding of the conflict.

    clearly a lot of people need to be educated on how to use language before becoming reporters.

    well, atleast if we want them to be of any use in terms of accurate journalism.  

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