70% of Afghan Muslims Grateful to Bush & Blair

Suck on that "lefties" who opposed the war on the Taliban's Afghanistan. Admittedly not that many lefties opposed it, but the fucking "Socialist Workers Party" certainly did. Wankers.

Despite fears of rising violence, three quarters of Afghans believe their quality of life has improved since the fall of the Taliban, according to a new poll.

Violence continues to play a prominent role in the daily lives of Afghans, with four in 10 reporting experiencing insurgent attacks, including bombings, arson, and killings, in their areas.

The poll, which comes on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of the country by coalition forces, found that confidence in the current security situation was deteriorating, with the number of Afghans saying security was better now than under the Taliban dropping to 58 per cent from 75 per cent last year.

However, overall there still seems to be broad backing for the coalition's action to depose the former regime.

Across the country 70 per cent say they are "grateful" rather than "unhappy" with the presence of Nato troops in the country.

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