Ideological Sectarian Battle. Increasing Radicalisation... In Wandsworth Prison

Rival groups of Muslim inmates have created a potentially explosive situation over the interpretation of the Koran in Britain’s biggest jail, prison watchdogs said yesterday.

Deep divisions among Muslims in Wandsworth jail developed after the appointment of an imam with particular views of the Koran’s teachings.

One wonders what "particular view" this new Imam has and why he hasn't united the Muslim inmates in peace and tolerance.

Some Muslim inmates at the jail in southwest London are also pressurising fellow Muslim prisoners to adopt more militant beliefs and lifestyle.

The disclosures will fuel fears that attempts are being made to radicalise young Muslims held in jails in England and Wales.


A report published yesterday said that the row over the interpretation of the Koran had inflamed emotions among inmates. David Jamieson, chairman of the jail’s independent monitoring board, said: “The situation is volatile. It is being resolved. It concerns the way the Koran is interpreted within the Sunni Muslim sect. It is not a row between Sunni and Shia Muslims.”

This could certainly an explosive situation. Anything involving radical Muslims is potentially explosive.

The report also discloses that inherent tensions among Muslims are exacerbated because they have to walk through the Christian chapel to reach their place of worship.

Outrageous! How humiliating!

From The Times

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