The Rowntree Organistation (who bunged the Liberal Democrats £2m) claims that polticians are outrageously pandering to the majority. Who would have thought that in a democracy? If the multi-cultural model has taught us anything, it's that we should ignore the majority and pander to the minorities.

It also tells us that politicians are "exploiting the politics of fear" (a catch all phrase used by liberals to undermine legitimate security concerns).

"trying to win over the white working-class vote" risked alienating parts of the Muslim community who could help defeat extremism, it added
What an outrageous concept. In Britain of all places. This does imply that the needs of the white working classs and that of he Muslim community are mutually exclusive. If thats the case we should ignore the white working class altogether!

A Home Office spokesman said: "The threat we face is serious. We make no apology for bringing in tough new laws and putting the fight against terrorism at the heart of the work of the Home Office.

"Over recent months the home secretary has been engaged in a series of events both public and private within Muslim communities in the UK.

3 Responses to “Defending against Terror threats alienates Muslims, and Politicians are Pandering to the Majority”

  1. # Blogger Sir Percy


    Will you be coming along on Saturday to meet PR in London?

    I sent S. the details last week.


  2. # Blogger jonz

    I will be in attendance Sir Percy! See you there  

  3. # Blogger Sir Percy

    Great news!

    Do you have the time & details of the venue (if not I can send you a copy)and do you know whether Steve or Alison be attending?

    Obviously PR is fairly distinctive (no offence P. LOL!) but I will be wearing a highly attractive 'CaFE' badge.


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