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The Pope as a Snake: Where are the Catholic Riots?

From The Telegraph

Already, the 1981 would-be assassin of Pope John Paul II, Mehmet Ali Agca — back in prison after being briefly released this year — has warned the pontiff that someone will try to kill him. The country's bestselling novel, Plot Against the Pope, shows Benedict on the cover, targeted by a bearded sniper in front of a burning cross.

At the beginning of this month, a man was arrested outside the Italian consulate in Istanbul for firing a gun to protest against the Pope

Ali Bardakoglu, the head of Turkey's state-run religious affairs directorate, told fanatics that the Pope must "experience that Islam is a religion of peace"

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Rival groups of Muslim inmates have created a potentially explosive situation over the interpretation of the Koran in Britain’s biggest jail, prison watchdogs said yesterday.

Deep divisions among Muslims in Wandsworth jail developed after the appointment of an imam with particular views of the Koran’s teachings.

One wonders what "particular view" this new Imam has and why he hasn't united the Muslim inmates in peace and tolerance.

Some Muslim inmates at the jail in southwest London are also pressurising fellow Muslim prisoners to adopt more militant beliefs and lifestyle.

The disclosures will fuel fears that attempts are being made to radicalise young Muslims held in jails in England and Wales.


A report published yesterday said that the row over the interpretation of the Koran had inflamed emotions among inmates. David Jamieson, chairman of the jail’s independent monitoring board, said: “The situation is volatile. It is being resolved. It concerns the way the Koran is interpreted within the Sunni Muslim sect. It is not a row between Sunni and Shia Muslims.”

This could certainly an explosive situation. Anything involving radical Muslims is potentially explosive.

The report also discloses that inherent tensions among Muslims are exacerbated because they have to walk through the Christian chapel to reach their place of worship.

Outrageous! How humiliating!

From The Times

BBC Gushes over Palestinian Terrorist Human Shields

Palestinians' high-risk human shield tactic, Alan Johnston BBC News, Gaza

The "human shields" have deterred at least one Israeli air strike

Schoolgirls chanting their defiance of Israel were among the crowd that gathered to defend the two-storey home in the town of Beit Lahiya.

Along with the girls had come old men, neighbours and militants.

All of them were ready to defy the Israeli air force. They were ready to put themselves in the line of fire.

But they knew too that a similar human shield tactic had worked a few days earlier.

The Israelis had backed off knowing that to strike would cause large numbers of civilian casualties which would, of course, have played very badly in the court of international opinion.

For years Palestinians have been completely at the mercy of the Israeli air force.

But they clearly believe that now they have found a weakness.

If they know an attack is coming they can probably foil it by massing in the target zone.

The Israelis can no longer expect to limit civilian casualties by calling ahead and clearing people out.

'David and Goliath'

Of course the tactic is dangerous and it takes courage.

Nobody rushing to a threatened home will know whether or not this time the Israelis will strike.

But for Palestinians the new strategy has benefits way beyond protecting the odd target.

The tactic is symbolically important and a propaganda coup.

From militant leaders to schoolgirls, Palestinians can unite in confronting their enemy and the passive resistance of the human shields will be admired from around the world.

The boys on the roofs, armed only with Palestinian flags and facing down war planes, are a David and Goliath image for the modern age.

Leading member of Muslim extremist group working at the Home Office

For fucksake.

A leading member of an extremist Islamic group is working as a senior official at the Home Office, it emerged.

Abid Javaid is a 'senior executive officer' in the IT department at the scandal-hit Immigration and Nationality Directorate which processes tens of thousands of asylum and visa applications every year.

But he is also an activist in the fundamentalist Islamic group Hizb-ut Tahrir which believes in a worldwide Islamic state under Shariah law.

This is despite Tony Blair calling for the group to be banned last year.

The group's smartly dressed spokesmen have caused repeated outrage over their refusal to condemn terrorist attacks including last year's London bombings.

One of their leaflets called for Jews to be murdered and for the destruction of Israel.

Another spokesman, Dr Imran Waheed, refused to condemn the July 7 suicide bombs, saying he would only do so after Western leaders apologise for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why the fuck are they so fucking useless? Imagine if his name was David Smith, and he was a member of the BNP? He would be hounded out of his job before you can say Islam gets preferential treatment.

Why are the Home Office so fucking useless?

He has represented the group in talks with the Croydon Mosque - which has been trying to kick out radical influences.

I take it, that now the facts are known, he will no longer be allowed to continue in his position?

BNP members loose their jobs, such as him and her. If he doesn't this will be a victory for extremism. I hope the Home Office managers have a bit of confidence and don't shy away because he's brown skinned...

The Rowntree Organistation (who bunged the Liberal Democrats £2m) claims that polticians are outrageously pandering to the majority. Who would have thought that in a democracy? If the multi-cultural model has taught us anything, it's that we should ignore the majority and pander to the minorities.

It also tells us that politicians are "exploiting the politics of fear" (a catch all phrase used by liberals to undermine legitimate security concerns).

"trying to win over the white working-class vote" risked alienating parts of the Muslim community who could help defeat extremism, it added
What an outrageous concept. In Britain of all places. This does imply that the needs of the white working classs and that of he Muslim community are mutually exclusive. If thats the case we should ignore the white working class altogether!

A Home Office spokesman said: "The threat we face is serious. We make no apology for bringing in tough new laws and putting the fight against terrorism at the heart of the work of the Home Office.

"Over recent months the home secretary has been engaged in a series of events both public and private within Muslim communities in the UK.

Muslim Lawyer Refuses to take off Niqab

Disrepectful of great British tradition of not wearing a large black sack over one's head

Shabnam Mughal was dressed completely in black with a full-face veil leaving only her eyes visible.

The judge, George Glossop, asked Miss Mughal on Monday if she would "kindly remove her veil to assist with communication". He told her: "It will allow me to see your face and I cannot hear you as well as I would like."

She declined to do so and Immigration Judge Glossop briefly adjourned the case. Later in the day, he asked her a second time. When Miss Mughal again refused to remove her veil, the judge adjourned the case until next Monday, pending consultations with Mr Justice Hodge.

Miss Mughal, in her twenties, who was representing a Sikh businessman challenging the Government's refusal to permit his nephew to visit Britain, was not taking media calls yesterday. A colleague said she was upset by what had happened.

advertisementJavid Hussain, practice manager at the Law Partnership in Coventry, where Miss Mughal works, said she had worn her veil while appearing before tribunals in different parts of the country for at least the past two years.

Other Muslim women at the firm did not wear veils, he said. It was a matter of personal choice.

Read the rest here

I think we may have to actually ban the niqab and burqa as clearly a small minority of Muslim women are intent on stiring up trouble, being deliberately provocative and in my eyes extremely disrespectful to the wishes of non-Muslim citizens.

It has already been established by all major Muslim organisations the niqab or burqa is NOT a religious requirement at all.

If she and others like her feel so strongly about wearing the niqab then she should simply move to a country whose values and attitudes correspond with hers.

Where can Brits go to avoid such cringeworthy, embarassing. arrogant and frankly irritating Muslim women such as Shabnam Mughal? I find her Niqab offensive. I really do. But the authorities and the media rarely seem to give a fuck unless the person being offended is Muslim.

Judging from her picture, I'd say Saudia Arabia would suit her down to the ground. What on earth is she doing in a kafir nation such as Britain?

Update: Alison has an article up on Muslim women making a real stand against oppression

Cool Kids Don't Wear Palestinian Scarves

Freedom of Speech Victory

Nick Griffin and Mark Collett there surrounded by meat heads

The jury gave a unanimous not guilty verdict.

What an embarassment, why on earth was he taken to court for saying Islam is a "wicked, vicious faith"? This trial was politically motivated. The police, lawyers and the media all trying to show how Muslim friendly they really are and how that nasty Griffin should be locked up for saying Islam might not be all peace & love.

I don't know what was said in court, however I can imagine that trying to prove Islam is not wicked or vicious in it's nature could prove a tad problematic with such gems as:

Qur’an 5:33 “The punishment for those who wage war against Allah and His Prophet and make mischief in the land, is to murder them, crucify them, or cut off a hand and foot on opposite sides...their doom is dreadful. They will not escape the fire, suffering constantly.”

Tabari IX:113 “Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely. If they abstain, they have the right to food and clothing. Treat women well for they are like domestic animals and they possess nothing themselves. Allah has made the enjoyment of their bodies lawful in his Qur’an.”

There were hundreds of BNP supporters outside the court, chanting "Freedom!". This is indeed a victory for freedom of speech.

Will the authorities see that by trying to shut down debate about these issues, it will backfire? I don't think anybody would disagree that this is a massive victory for BNP and can only increase their cause. The poltically correct establishment really are lacking intellect and foresight in bringing this case to trial.

Amusingly Mark Collet referred to the BBC as "cockroaches". Heh. Thats not very nice is it?

Update: Gordon Brown - potentially the next prime minister of Britain - says

Chancellor Gordon Brown has said race hate laws should be tightened after BNP leader Nick Griffin was cleared of charges in court.

A jury at Leeds Crown Court decided earlier speeches made by Mr Griffin and another party activist, Mark Collett, had not broken the law.

But Mr Brown said he thought laws may have to be looked at again.

"I think any preaching of religious or racial hatred will offend mainstream opinion in this country," he said.
Revised? What the fuck? So saying degrogatory things about Islam will be illegal? This will go against mainstream opinion. Idiot.

he [Nick Griffin] described Islam as a "wicked, vicious faith" and said Muslims were turning Britain into a "multi-racial hell hole".

At the same event, Mr Collett addressed the audience by saying: "Let's show these ethnics the door in 2004."
These comments were found unanimously to be not guilty on all charges. Most people in this country do seem do be in agreement, I believe, that people should be able to say almost anything offensive so as they are not inciting violence.

It's perfectly acceptable to incite emotions, good or bad, so long as it does not extend to inciting violence. Political parties are always tryong to incite emotions in voters - thats called politics.

Move along please, nothing to see here.

MI5 knows of 30 terror plots threatening the UK and is keeping 1,600 individuals under surveillance, the security service's head has said.

It's all the fear of poltics. You see. The warmongers want to retain power. You see. It's all part of Blairs war machine.

Good lord, holy mother of jesus, joseph and that other one.

Out of the 1,600 inviduals under survelliance, 1,600 are Muslim.

Muslims need to know denial is not a river in Egypt. Sort it the fuck out.

Update: A Muslim comments on this, coming out and strongly condemning......... the head of MI5.


Ihtisham Hibatullah said he was concerned about the stigmatisation of the whole Muslim community following Dame Eliza's claim that 200 groups were involved in plotting.

He said doing so was "completely unfair and unjust against the whole Muslim community" and accused the government and security services of "dragging the Muslim community along in such a way where it creates more hatred towards the community and Islam."

Lying Lefties

UN says it found no evidence of uranium-based munitions in Lebanon

What a surprise. But The Indendent did a front page spread on it... Surely not another smear against Israel by this paper that turns out to be false?

Anti-Israel proganda has never been this good! Well done to the Indy.

When to refer to People as Racist Scum

Ellenor Bland: Actually just quite stupid. Not racist scum.

WARNING: The resulting cognitive dissonance of pointing out these facts may result in Homo Lefticus' Heads Exploding in spitting inexpressable rage.

Here are some surprising facts about racist crime in the UK:

Most of the offenders (57%) in the racially motivated crimes identified in the British Crime Survey are not white.

In 2004 there were 92,000 reported white victims of racist crime.

Between 1995 and 2004 there have been 58 murders where the police consider a racial element played a key part. Out of these, 24 have been where the murder victim was white.

Yet, this Kris Donald case is the first to have actually made an impact in the media. Why?

Marcus over at Harry's Place had a good post on How to Deal with Racist Murders

Peter Fahy, the Chief Constable of Cheshire and a spokesman on race issues for the Association of Chief Police Officers, said it was a fact that it was harder to get the media interested where murder victims were young white men.

But why might that be?

Politicians and the authorities often face difficulty in raising the issue of racial attacks on white victims for fear that far-right extremists will try to exploit such events to stir up racial tensions.

What a lousy excuse. Neglecting to report the extent of racist murders of whites is a godsend for the BNP. Their traditional claims that working class Britons are being treated as if they didn't count is actually given evidential support by this sort of attitude.

Any serious challenge to the politics of race hatred must involve politicians and officials being honest with us and not trying to sugar bitter tasting pills. In a world of freedom of information legislation, easy access to foreign newspapers and widely read blogs information can no longer be 'managed' to the extent it was in the past.

The BNP are Neanderthal throwbacks who deserve to languish in obscurity - let's not help their recruitment drive by attempting to avoid reality, no matter how unpalatable.

"Racist" Hysteria

I cross ocean poor and broke
Take bus, see employment folk.
Nice man treat me good in there.
Say I need to see welfare.
Welfare say, “You come no more,
We send cash right to your door.”
Write to your friends in motherland.
Tell them, “Come fast as you can.”
They come in turbans and Ford trucks.
I buy big house with welfare bucks!
Britain crazy! They pay all year,
To keep welfare running here.
We think UK darn good place.
Too darn good for the white man race!
If they no like us, they can scram.
Got lots of room in Pakistan!

Conservative Councillor Ellenor Bland gets the SACK for forwarding this email. The most evil and shocking part was perhaps the title "“P*** off — we’re full”. How racist!

This poem did indeed pick on the Pakistiani immigrants for it's humour. Maybe the poem writer should have chosen a white nationality. This would have elicited a bit of hooha no doubt in this era of multi-cultural cess pit we find ourselves in. But not the sack.

For fucksake. She's gets the sack for sending out a crass email with lazy Pakistani immigrants as the butt of the joke, and she gets FIRED? I just don't get it. Why do Pakistani immigrants get special treatment as a subject of derision? Would it be the same for French, Welsh, German?

Perhaps next time try American immigrants. Safe bet yeah? If this was about American immigrants she would have probably been promoted by the no-bollocks busy-bodies in charge.

Update: Pub Philosopher explains himself much better than me with his post Ellenor Bland's rhyme. That's what many years of experience gives you!

British Muslims oppose Extremist Mega-Mosque

2,500 British Muslims have signed a petition against the London mega-mosque plan

Asif Shakoor, chairman of the Sunni Friends of Newham, said: 'It is radicalising the younger generation. We have to make a stand.'
Hat tip: Alison

How to become a terrorist

I hope I don't get killed for implying Islam incites violence

Step 1, convert to Islam

Got a small willy? Feel inadequate? Is your religion not smity enough? Not enough killing in your life? - Then convert to Islam.

Note to critics: I would like an explanation on, if Islam is a religion of peace, then why do so many converts to Islam become terrorists?

Disclaimer: Not all Muslims are terrorists. Most aren't, in fact. My beef is with Islam, the most dogmatic and cruelest of all major religions in it's implementation. Come on humans, act like humans.

"Fight and slay the Unbelievers wherever ye find them. Seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war." Qur'an, Sura 9:5

Justice for the thousands of Victims of Saddam: He is to Hang

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been convicted of crimes against humanity by a Baghdad court and sentenced to death by hanging.

He was found guilty over his role in the killing of 148 people in the mainly Shia town of Dujail in 1982.

His brother Barzan al-Tikriti was also sentenced to death, as was Iraq's former chief judge Awad Hamed al-Bander

Former vice-president Taha Yassin Ramadan got life in jail and three others received 15 year prison terms.

Another co-defendant, Baath party official Mohammed Azawi Ali, was acquitted.

Saddam Hussein shouted out "Allahu Akbar!" (God is Greatest) and "Long live Iraq. Long live the Iraqi people!" after the judge announced the verdict.

Correspondents say the former leader looked visibly shocked as the sentence was passed, but the BBC's world affairs editor John Simpson said that as he was led away Saddam Hussein seemed to have a small smile on his face.

"It was as if he was thinking 'I've come here and done what I intended to do'," our correspondent said.

BBC News

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