Madonna Wants a Brown Baby Like all the Other Mothers on the Estate

Just like Angelina Jolie, Madonna has got her self a bran-spanking new (ish) brown baby from Africa.

I don't really think much of this story, except what a lucky bastard that little kid is. If everything goes ahead he'll have a life that other people dream about. Good luck to them.

The only reason I made this post was actually to say the phrase from the classic Harry Enfield Brown Baby sketch - unfortunately the sketch isn't available online. Amusingly when Googling the line, it was from an entertainment forum - about Angelina Jolie and her brown baby.

the "rainbow family" comment Angelina supposedly made always reminds me of that Harry Enfield sketch years ago featuring Wayne & Waynetta slob - Waynetta is upset because she wants another baby after having Frogmella (I think that was what their baby was called) but doesn't want Wayne to be the father because she says "I want a brown baby Wayne - all the other mothers on the estate have got one!"


2 Responses to “Madonna Wants a Brown Baby Like all the Other Mothers on the Estate”

  1. # Blogger J

    ah, the Naomi Cambell ep.

    a true classic ;)

    i've got it on video, i'll try and work out a way of getting uploaded. one day :)  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    Really? That would be excellent!  

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