Look! No Quotation Marks!

Prescott backs right to wear veil! Never fear the BBC is here. Normally the BBC go out of their way to use quotation marks when quoting. But not this time! It's obviously simply not up for debate over at the BBC... Unquestionable RIGHT to wear veils in Jack Straws office huh?

Somebody blows up 52 people in London, and the BBC have trouble saying terrorist without the obligatory quotation marks to ensure the BBC isn't making any value-judgements.

For a bit of sanity we go over to the most popular comment over at BBC's Have Your Say:

I applaud Jack Straw for being bold enough to raise this issue. Obviously in a free society such as ours, the individual should be entitled to wear what they choose. However, they should also carefully consider the implications of wearing certain types of clothing. If I walked around London in an IRA-style full face balaclava, not only would I intimidate other people but I'm sure I'd attract the attention of the police.

Of course this sloppy piece of reporting by the BBC implies that Jack Straw says Muslim women have no right to wear the veil. Anybody care to show me where on earth he has said they have no right?

4 Responses to “Look! No Quotation Marks!”

  1. # Blogger Raw Carrot

    Very good! Typical BBC... sort of. No doubt we'll have some other NuLabourite talking about it all tomorrow... Perhaps the Ignorant Jock should now get involved too?  

  2. # Blogger jonz

    It all seems a bit of flea circus doesn't it? ...  

  3. # Blogger Renegade Eye

    All Jack Straw said, was that it's difficult to communicate with someone wearing a veil. That is quite different than say Maryam Namazie, saying that minors shouldn't be allowed to wear veils, or the laws in France about wearing a veil in public. Still it's good what he said.  

  4. # Anonymous alison

    JS never said anything about 'rights' at all. And the whole thing about quotation marks is a joke. Great post.  

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